Friday, 13 March 2015

Ended up a nice day

It was obvious that we had a lot of rain overnight, everything was wet outside, the sun was there but very misty.

DB helped me do the Friday clean, after a cup of tea we went to take the iron back I bought on Wednesday. Shop was very good gave me my money back straight away. The traffic in town was horrendous. The chemist who brought our medication told us that the road through the town was being closed for 3 days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Does not bode well for the market day on Tuesday. I think we will avoid going into town until Wednesday. It also means the buses etc will have to be diverted. I for see great fun....not.....

We called at Tesco on the way home and I managed to get an iron, its a Bosch and was cheaper than the original one, same kw as well. I have tested it out this afternoon, it works very well thank you.

The bits and strips box is empty, all the strips are in one box and I have most of the squares in another, I have two packs of squares that will not fit, so I have to put my thinking cap on. 

I have started on the fat quarters, found more fabric to cut, given up for the day, my back protesteth....DB is watching the racing.

This afternoon, the sun won the battle, its quite cold but the sun is shining and it looks pleasant. I am glad I am not going out!!

Fish, wedges and chips for supper, not sure about dessert, might do rice pudding.

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