Sunday, 8 March 2015

Early rising this morning.....

I was taking 3 of my quilt group to The Fabric Guild to look for fabric.

I was very restrained, only spent under £20. One of my ladies spent £75, her basket was overflowing.

DB had his lunch before I got back, so went for his siesta, I sorted out the supper and repaired to my sewing room to sort out the blocks for the quilt the ladies are making and tidy the room up a bit. I have now managed to get the stuff I need for the meetings into 2 crates except my machine.

It was fine when we left just after 10am, by the time we started for home it was pouring down, it carried on for most of the afternoon.

I am a glutton for punishment, I have floated the idea of a bus trip to the Birmingham Exhibition Centre for the Festival of quilts in August. Need to get estimates for a coach. tickets etc. I must be mad!! No need to agree!!

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  1. It's definitely worth a visit but you will spend money as the offers are so good and so much to tempt you. I go up for the day with a friend and thoroughly enjoy it although it is hard on the feet!


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