Friday, 6 March 2015

Dull Start

but eventually the sun broke through, so another load of laundry out on the whirly. Thats the laundry up to date till I change the bed on Monday.

Late up, DB sat up a bit too quick and ended up with a dizzy, no point in me getting up, no idea how long he was going to be in bed. it was just after 8 45 when we did get up.

Friday clean done with help from DB. My foot is almost back to normal now, the bruises are gradually fading, and the discomfort when I turn my foot is less.

DB has a Drs appointment this afternoon, they insisted despite him telling them that he saw the Dr a week or so ago. He can go on his own.

Yesterday's laundry dry and folded ready to go away,,,,there is a fair breeze this morning so hopefully the load on the whirly will dry, it can air inside.

The nights are drawing out gradually we are later putting lights on and drawing curtains. Hopefully the heat will go off at the end of the month, will just have it on first thing when we get up.


The laundry dried on the whirly, just on the rads to air off and it can all go away, hurrah!!

Inspected the clematis whilst I was out there, if its fine tomorrow I need to get out with the secateurs and do some cutting back. The little daffs are coming into flower and the bigger daffs and tulips are starting to show they are still alive.

I just calculated its 23 days till the clocks go forward, lets hope the cold weather has shifted by then and its warmer.

Well that was a wasted journey, DB back from the Drs. She has no idea why he was asked to make an appointment to see her, so both hers and DB's time wasted and at what cost to the NH. someone who was really ill could have had that appointment.

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