Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Don't rain on my Laundry!!

Morrisons this morning for fresh fruit and veg, a quick trip, soon home again.

DB had a dizzy as we were going to bed last night. I had gone to take some stuff upstairs, came down to put the timer on the washer, found him on the floor. It took an hour to clear, then he asked for his hot chocolate and biscuits!!

I have the laundry out on the wirley, it keeps clouding over, need to watch it in case, it starts to rain.

Did more strip cutting, DB In the garden pulling all the weds out that are coming through the gravel on the front.

DD2 phoned to tell me she is ill, sounded awful on the phone, I think she has a chest infection. She had phoned the Dr. For a house call, the receptionist told her to get a taxi down to the surgery. She is too ill to get out of bed, dress and go out in the cold to the surgery. I am fizzing......I'll wait and see what   happens tomorrow,. She worked 5 nights out of 7 last week, she should only do 3. I am not surprised she is ill. She is regularly asked to do extra hours, and tries to if she can. The manager where she works is hopeless, they are 3 members of staff down.

Laundry more or less dry, have just put them on the airier to finish off.

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  1. Getting through the fabric mountains here, too. Trying to make cot quilts ahead so that when I need a gift I can simply pull one off a pile and wrap it!
    Still too cold here to garden...more snow coming Friday....
    Recovering from a chest thing here, too. Our Drs. Do not make house calls...I hope your DD2 gets to see someone...


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