Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Windy or what?

I woke several times in the night, the wind was blowing a right hoolie, thought at one point the windows were going to blow in!!

Still reeling after selling all that stuff last night, keep counting the cash to make sure!!

DB had an appointment at the dentist, his plate is causing him problems. He then went to the library and to have a hair cut. I went to the bank and Morrisons. Picked up a large half shoulder of lamb for £7.25 it will do us Sunday and Monday and possibly enough to freeze for another supper, the bone will make stock for scotch broth.

I am gradually replacing my quilting rulers, I have tried the creative grids rulers, cannot get on with them, I find them too confusing, so back to Omnigrid. Have managed to pick up almost all of them at reasonable prices.

I have looked out the fabric for the sampler quilt, just need to check I have enough colours for all the blocks as well as the plain for the background. I will have to press it all later.

DB having a siesta, yesterday was a bad day, both a dizzy and then later a nausea attack, so two spells in bed.

Its blooming cold again, might have to put the heat on when DB gets up.

I took some stuff into the CS. They will take the big plastic crates I have managed to empty, so thats good to know. I need to go through the baking tin drawer in the kitchen I know I have tins in there that have not been used for ages, so they can go. I also need to sort out the china cupboard.

Very disappointed with the daffs I got on Sunday, they are starting to die off without coming out properly, will be having a word next time I go.

Today is the last day of March, April tomorrow and a couple of weeks to our break in Suffolk. I hope its a bit warmer than it is here at the moment!! I have saved up some pennies as there are 3 quilt shops in Suffolk, at least two of them will get a visit. I have also emptied the penny tin, there is enough for a fish supper, our usual holiday treat when we are close to the sea.

I think we are both looking forward to the change of scenery, the caravan we are staying in over looks the mouth of the river so DB can watch the ships coming and going. Need to remind him to put the binoculars in the bags. I am taking a quilt to try and do some more hand quilting on it whilst we are away. Its been hanging about far too long.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Blooming Weather

DB told me it was going to rain today, so I did not put any laundry in.....its been fine all day, just started to rain a few minutes ago!!

Still in downsizing mode, Having not had a bite from either of the postcards in The Co-op or Tesco I decided to put the stuff on freecycle. Cue phone ringing at 4.30pm.......you have some caravanning stuff for sale, I have just sold all the large items we had for £75!! Typical!!

DB ended up in bed twice today first with a dizzy and then with nausea......pain in the you know what!! He was at the surgery for his INR this morning. I did the Monday clean whilst he was out. 

It was so cold this afternoon I put the heating on and sat with my feet on a hot water bottle.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Early Start

Despite the change of the clocks we were up and away just after 9am to do the shopping at Aldi. Quite a few people waiting for the shop to open.  Shopping done we were home just after 11am.

I have been trying to arrange to get a new settee picked up. My quilting friend is getting rid of one of hers, it's only about 4 years old, so it's coming here.

I have put our bed settee on Gumtree and managed to sort out someone to collect and deliver the new one.

Ita rained for most of the day, about an hour ago it cleared and now the sub is shining, sure sign we are coming towards a bank holiday!!!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sun, rain, sun.....

We were late up this morning, just before 10am when I put my foot out of bed.

My lap top is not behaving, I am going to have to get it looked at again, I think it is going to have to be cleaned, which means I will have to reload everything. I will back up as much stuff as I can onto my  external hard drive.

Since lunch I have been sorting out the instructions for the blocks the ladies have chosen for their sampler quilts. Thankfully they have all chosen the same blocks so we can work through them month by month. The hand pieced ones they can do on their own at home whilst working on the others.

Its been a fine day, we had rain for a while this morning but it has cleared up and been a fine afternoon.

Aldi tomorrow, we will be at the shop for when it opens at 10am. I will have to go back on Tuesday for a either a leg or shoulder of lamb, fancy it for supper next Sunday.

Clocks go forward tonight, hooray....... the nights will be much lighter and hopefully it will warm up a bit.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Was that Spring?

Its been a lovely sunny day and quite warm if you were out of the wind. Think we will get a frost tonight.

Called at Aldi on the way to visit my quilting friend, brought her a bunch of flowers and also a bunch of lilies for myself.

Lovely time, smoked salmon sandwich for lunch, followed by Jaffa cakes, yum yum. We put the world to rights as usual and had a walk round her garden, its looking very pretty with the daffodils and some of the shrubs bursting into leaf.

Good journey home, very little traffic, arrived home just after DB who has been to the Drs for his medication review.

The weather has been lovely, pity its not to last.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

An Historic Day for Leicester

It was raining when we got up. Thoughts turned to the to processions that were to take place this morning prior to the re-interment of Richard III. It did clear and we took the chance to put the stuff in the car for the quilting group this afternoon.

We sat and watched the TV, the service was quite short, the most poignant moment seeing the coffin lowered into the prepared grave and the ropes being thrown in on top of it.

There has been a lot written about the actions over the last few days. That matters little, what does matter is that King Richards remains have been re-interred with due reverence just a few yards away from his original resting place.

The quilting group went well this afternoon, one or two of the ladies managed to finish their pot holders and they have all decided on the blocks to do for their sampler quilt, now I have to get all the paperwork sorted and printed.

Very tired tonight, should sleep well.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It turned into a sunny day

Laundry out on the line just after breakfast, by early afternoon it was dry, folded and in the airing cupboard.

DB went to collect his new insoles, he came home without them, neither was right, one was too thin and the other too long so he has to wait another 3 weeks before they come back again.

Not much done this morning, I have booked the bus for the trip to the Festival of Quilts, all I have to do now is fill it!! I need 29 people and maybe a waiting list of 6 or 7.

This afternoon I got my stuff ready for tomorrow, I will load the car in the morning. I had to do one side of the pot holder to the point where it needs trimming.......so I will have 3 pot holders when I have done. Pictures taken of the blocks for the sampler quilt.

Top left, Lightening, top right; Old  Maids Puzzle, Bottom left; Dutchmans puzzle, and bottom right; Windmill.

Top left; Nine Patch top right; Pinwheel bottom right; Churn Dash bottom left; Jacobs Ladder.

I have not taken photos of the two blocks that are to be hand pieced, they are still in bits, will post pictures of them later.

It was quite misty and grey this morning, but eventually the sun came through, it was warm for a time, but when I went to fetch the laundry in it was turning colder. I think we might have a frost tonight.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Towels out on the whirly just after breakfast, I had to bring them in at lunchtime it started to rain, so finished them off in the dryer.

This morning we nipped over to Tesco to check the air in the tyres and put fuel in. I also wanted a couple of things from the shop so three jobs done at the same time.

This afternoon I wasted some time in the sewing room, made a tea cosy from some fabric I brought back from the US about 25 years ago!! I am not very pleased with it, but it will do for our tea pot when we use it, which is not very often. I also had a root through the UFO box. I found an I Spy quilt that will do for linus. I plan to use the walking foot to quilt it. I have marked the centre to start in the middle. It will take me a couple of days to do it, then I will have to find something to bind it with. I dare not count the number of quilt tops in the box, I also have some blocks that need stitching together, 

Freezer audit done and the menu's and shopping list for next month. We have decided to go to Aldi either Sunday or Tuesday next week.

Monday, 23 March 2015

He has his smile back!!

Laundry has dried on the line, just needs ironing. I hate sheets that have not been ironed!!

Monday clean done, I found more bits of fabric that needed cut up, so more time with the rotary cutter and the ruler. Hope its all finished now.

Took DB to get his plate back, nice smile now instead of gummy. The dentist checked that everything was ok. He has managed quite well eating softish food, and dunking his bread into soup.

After yesterdays events the casket containing the remains of Richard III is on view for people to pay their respects, when the catherdral opened at 9.30 there was a huge queue and the waiting time to get in was 4 hours. It had gone down to 2 hours, but they were asking people not to set out after lunch as the Cathedral was closing for vespers at 4.30pm. At one point the queue was 2 miles long.

Tomorrow night Dominican Monks are singing vespers, I would love to hear that. A trip into Leicester at that time of night is not on so sadly I will have to miss it.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Glued to the computer

DB has been glued to the computer since he got up from his siesta listening to the coverage of the cortage of Richard III round the Leicestershire villages. Lots of people out lining the route and at the various stopping places. They are expecting around 10,000 in the City centre. I must admit that it has been riveting. From when it emerged at the university.......as it leaves the battle field visitors centre at Market Bosworth the coffin was being loaded into a horse drawn Hearse with 10 black horses pulling it. The coffin has been escorted by 2 knights in full armour on horseback. It is now on its way to Desford and from there into the City for its reception into the Catherdral. There is coverage on TV from 5pm so I guess supper will be eaten on trays.

Its been a lovely sunny day, I wish I had stripped the bed this morning. the sheets would have dried in the sun. DB was out for a bit, he said it was very cold still.

I have finished sorting my fabric, I found a bag with some more in as I was clearing up, so more pressing and cutting. The box with the backing in has been sorted out and I have moved the boxes round that are under the tables. finished off by hoovering the carpet to get rid of all the bits and put the big ironing board away, I have a small board I used to use in the caravan, its just the right size to fit on the board at the side of the sewing machine.

DB.s stitches came out yesterday, his face is still a bit sore, but he managed sop and toast at lunchtime. He gets his bridge back tomorrow,

Saturday, 21 March 2015


 Lie in this morning. After 9am before my foot hit the floor.

DB's mouth is healing nicely, still rinsing with salt water. He spent more time weeding in the garden, eventually came in as he had scraped two fingers and was bleeding, first aid applied. as he takes warferin he bleeds like a stuck pig if he cuts himself.

I made a pot of soup for lunch and spent the morning on the Christmas fabric box, I continued after lunch. I think I will have to see if I can sweet talk the 2 other patchwork groups into doing a Christmas fair or something. I still have a box full of stuff that I did not sell last year.

DB watching the rugby, I am off back to finish off the Christmas fabric and get it put away in boxes.

Friday, 20 March 2015

That was amazing!!!

We watched the eclipse this morning, it was a bit misty, but we saw it o.k. I remember the last one, we were in Hampshire, it was weird, the birds stopped singing, everything went very cold and still, then the darkness..........

It was a bit the same this morning, I felt cold and it darkened, then the sun started to appear again. We clearly saw the diamond ring effect for a few moments.

I had a decent nights sleep, did not even read. DB washed his mouth out, no real blood, and again this morning. He has been rinsing his mouth with salt water. We had a dizzy this morning, I expected it somehow, but he was up in time to have his lunch and go for the history club meeting. I gave him a lift there, he is coming back on the bus.

I have finished cutting up the fabric from the fat quarter boxes, I now have to start on the Christmas fabric bit box. I got it out this morning and found a large piece of fabric that should not be there...hmmm...

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Whew thats today over - almost!!

We decided not to go to the U3A meeting this morning, I collected DD2 just after 10am and took her to see her GP. She is on anti biotics and has been told that she needs to change her job, she is exhausted. If she is still suffering on Monday she has to ring and her GP will sign her off for another week. She did ring this afternoon and said she was feeling a little better, fell asleep watching something on TV.

After lunch I took DB to the dentist. He has lost 2 teeth and both resisted being removed. When I got him home I cleaned his face which was rather bloody and he went to bed for a couple of hours.

I did not sleep too well last night, too much on my mind.....I fell asleep on the settee. DB has had cheese pie and rice pudding for his supper. He has 3 stitches in the gum to try and prevent a midnight drive to LRI with him bleeding.

A very grey and cold day here, I put the heat back on when we went out just after lunch, it was nice to come back into a warm house.

Whilst DB was at the dentist I went to the library to take some books back and get new books for both of us.

No strip cutting done this afternoon, too tired.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Don't rain on my Laundry!!

Morrisons this morning for fresh fruit and veg, a quick trip, soon home again.

DB had a dizzy as we were going to bed last night. I had gone to take some stuff upstairs, came down to put the timer on the washer, found him on the floor. It took an hour to clear, then he asked for his hot chocolate and biscuits!!

I have the laundry out on the wirley, it keeps clouding over, need to watch it in case, it starts to rain.

Did more strip cutting, DB In the garden pulling all the weds out that are coming through the gravel on the front.

DD2 phoned to tell me she is ill, sounded awful on the phone, I think she has a chest infection. She had phoned the Dr. For a house call, the receptionist told her to get a taxi down to the surgery. She is too ill to get out of bed, dress and go out in the cold to the surgery. I am fizzing......I'll wait and see what   happens tomorrow,. She worked 5 nights out of 7 last week, she should only do 3. I am not surprised she is ill. She is regularly asked to do extra hours, and tries to if she can. The manager where she works is hopeless, they are 3 members of staff down.

Laundry more or less dry, have just put them on the airier to finish off.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

What happened to the sun???

A coloured load of laundry out on the whirly, an hour later I was running out to bring it in, it was chucking it down.

OH had spent an hour in the front garden weeding until it started to rain.

I spent another couple of hours in the sewing room. Getting through the fabric mountain. I have quite a few large bits of fabric which are not fat quarters, I am going to have to sot out something to do with it. Some is pretty lary, I do not remember buying some of it!!

I need to print off the instruction for the pot holder for next week.

My lap top is misbehaving so having to use my I Pad, not my favourite thing for blogging on.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Wash Day? Nah!!

Grey and overcast, so laundry put on hold till tomorrow.

Better nights sleep, managed up when the alarm went off. Monday clean done and then did a bit more at the fat quarters, found more fabric for cutting and also some bigger pieces which are small than fat quarters, but large enough to cut something out of.

DB spent an hour in the garden, we have weeds coming up in the gravel, so a spray with weedkiller. Might leave one bit to see what they actually are, its an even spread, could have come from the plants that were in the containers last summer. The timn tete a tete by the door are blooming away. The ones in the back are starting to come out as well.

Council tax bill arrived this morning, its gone up a wee bit, but we get 2 free months Feb and March if we are still here this time next year.

Want to watch a couple of videos whilst DB is have his siesta, also need to prep the veg for supper. Will probably go back to sorting out the fabric for an hour later.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bad night, DB started with palpitations just as we were settling down so very little sleep for me.

Breakfast in bed, did not get up until after 11am and DB was back in bed with dizzy just after lunch.

I managed a nana nap on the settee. Supper prepared, the last of the sliced turkey breast from Christmas. Have half a strudel in the freezer,will be having that for dessert. Hope for a better night tonigh.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

More fabric to cut

I was deluded if I thought I had finished cutting fabric into squares and strips!! I started to iron and re fold fat quarters I found fabric that had a piece cut out and then folded and put back in the box..... hey ho. I also found 3 Amish panels, I need to put my thinking cap on and decide what to do with them. The Amish plains have been refolded and I have room in the box for the plain squares and strips. I found the black Kona fabric to bind my triple churn dash, I need to measure the quilt and cut the strips for the binding, then I can see what black fabric I have left. I managed to do two boxes......will do more tomorrow.

We heard yesterday that we have been accepted by another company who run a sheltered housing complex in the town, so now we have 2 irons in the fire. We need to loose so much stuff, but its hard to decide what and when. I do not want to be in the situation where we are offered somewhere and then have to scramble to get rid of stuff.

It was a rather dull day, the sun broke through briefly this afternoon, DB spent an hour in the garden tidying up. I spent most of the afternoon on the settee reading.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ended up a nice day

It was obvious that we had a lot of rain overnight, everything was wet outside, the sun was there but very misty.

DB helped me do the Friday clean, after a cup of tea we went to take the iron back I bought on Wednesday. Shop was very good gave me my money back straight away. The traffic in town was horrendous. The chemist who brought our medication told us that the road through the town was being closed for 3 days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Does not bode well for the market day on Tuesday. I think we will avoid going into town until Wednesday. It also means the buses etc will have to be diverted. I for see great fun....not.....

We called at Tesco on the way home and I managed to get an iron, its a Bosch and was cheaper than the original one, same kw as well. I have tested it out this afternoon, it works very well thank you.

The bits and strips box is empty, all the strips are in one box and I have most of the squares in another, I have two packs of squares that will not fit, so I have to put my thinking cap on. 

I have started on the fat quarters, found more fabric to cut, given up for the day, my back protesteth....DB is watching the racing.

This afternoon, the sun won the battle, its quite cold but the sun is shining and it looks pleasant. I am glad I am not going out!!

Fish, wedges and chips for supper, not sure about dessert, might do rice pudding.

Laundry out

Set the timer last night so the laundry was ready to hang out when I got downstairs, it blowing gently on the whirly, not as much breeze as yesterday, but it has two chances, either it does or doesn't dry.

DB is going to tackle the weeds, I am going to do some more bits and strips cutting. DD2 is due this afternoon, so will not get any done then. I am not sure about the iron I got yesterday, it is supposed to steam when you hold it horizontally, but it only seems to steam when you press the jet of steam button. Will give it another go this morning, if it's no better it will be going back.

Had a phone call last night from our councillor, he is going to take up the HB with the council and will come back to us. Result, has saved me going in and arguing the point myself. I know I took the paper work in because we had a disagreement about which month the payment covered. In future any dealings with the council I will be getting a receipt, the persons name and have a file for the paper work.


The laundry dried, so its been folded and put away and I have ironed the one shirt of DB's.

I have also emptied the bits and strips box, its actually empty!! I have a couple of bits to cut tomorrow but thats it done. Now I need to tackle the fat quarter boxes...that should be fun.

DD2 came this afternoon with my mothers day present, a miniature orchid, very pretty. I am running out of window cills. I might put
it in the bathroom.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shame about the laundry

The weather forecast was not great for today, so I did not put any laundry in to wash. Typical, this morning and well into the afternoon has been fine and sunny, with a drying wind, it would have been well dry. Will see what the forecast is for tomorrow.

Into town to the library, DB stayed to do a bit more research, I went to Boyes and bought an iron for the quilting group and then on to Morrisons for fresh fruit and veg, home by 11 am.

Tried out the iron on some more of the bits and strips box, I can see the bottom now!! doubt I will get it done today though.

We have a problem with the local council, so I had to spend some time going through last years bank statements. I have proved my point, just need the council to acknowledge the fact that they were in receipt of some paper work.

DD2 is coming tomorrow afternoon, so cake needed, I expect its a card for Mothers Day on Sunday.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wonderful sun in its shining splendour

As you may have guessed the sun is shining here. I put the towels etc in the washer last night and put the timer on, so it was done when I got down stairs. Its now blowing in the breeze, its not as windy as yesterday but still enough to burl the whirly.

Much better night last night, it ois sometime since I had a really bad night like Sundays. I was asleep before DB put the light out so feeling brighter this morning especially with the sun.

More time to be spent in the sewing room, I am determined I am going to sort out the bits and strips crate and empty it. I have a feeling that when we are lucky enough to get either a flat or bungalow there will be little space for my sewing stuff so I really need to downsize it. I also have the sheets etc from yesterday to iron.

DB's dental appointment has been put back, his INR had only gone down 1 point and he has to resume weekly blood tests......aarrgghhh.

Having spent most of the day in my sewing room I am giving my back a rest for a while. The bits and strips box is about half empty, I have a box full of assorted strips and piles of squares from 10" down to 2". I refuse to cut smaller squares. I am have to open a shop!! Once the strips box is empty I am going to go through the fat quarters box, I know there are quite a few that have had pieces chibbled out of them. 

I sliced the remains of Sundays pork loin joint this morning, I have enough for tonights supper and have put another hot suppers slices in the freezer and  a pack with enough for another cold supper and some sandwiches. so four meals for £4.50, not bad. Next time I got to Tesco I will see if they have another joint.

Monday, 9 March 2015

What A Dreadful Night

Just could not sleep, I think I napped for a couple of hours, but was playing games on the I Pad at 3am.

Sunny and fine when we got up, so stripped the bed and put it all in the washer, out on the whirly the wind was blowing and burling it around.

Monday clean done and also a bit more ironing of strips and bits. Just after lunch it clouded over, so the laundry came in, the pillow cases were dry enough to iron the sheet and duvet cover are on the airer, they should be ok by the morning, so tomorrow will be ironing day.

A pot of leek and potato soup made for lunch and enough for tomorrow, also put a loaf of bread on, we finished the last loaf yesterday.

After lunch I finished the bag I had been intending to use to demonstrate how to put the lining in and box the corner. I need something for the display table at the next meeting. I have cut another bag out will get it to the lining stage ready for the group meeting at the end of the month. Then carry on ironing the strips and using the bigger bits of fabric to cut into squares or strips. The Go cutter is earning its money.

DB has to go for another INR test, his reading was too high last week, he is due at the dentist tomorrow to get his broken tooth out. If its still high he will have to cancel the appointment.

I did think about having a nap this afternoon, but decided against it, hopefully I will sleep better tonight.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Early rising this morning.....

I was taking 3 of my quilt group to The Fabric Guild to look for fabric.

I was very restrained, only spent under £20. One of my ladies spent £75, her basket was overflowing.

DB had his lunch before I got back, so went for his siesta, I sorted out the supper and repaired to my sewing room to sort out the blocks for the quilt the ladies are making and tidy the room up a bit. I have now managed to get the stuff I need for the meetings into 2 crates except my machine.

It was fine when we left just after 10am, by the time we started for home it was pouring down, it carried on for most of the afternoon.

I am a glutton for punishment, I have floated the idea of a bus trip to the Birmingham Exhibition Centre for the Festival of quilts in August. Need to get estimates for a coach. tickets etc. I must be mad!! No need to agree!!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Weekend

phew, a lie in this morning, have to get up tomorrow, am taking 3 of the quilt group to the fabric warehouse for a shufty.

The weather cannot make up its mind, bright and sunny one minute, grey and overcast the next. DB is hoping to get out into the garden when he comes back from taking the car to check the tyres. The clematis needs cutting back.

One of the quilting ladies is on holiday at the end of this month, so she wants to see how to do the pot holder and also choose her blocks for the quilt they will be starting at the end of April, so she is staying on a bit tomorrow.

I was watching a new quilting demo yesterday, quite like the block but its 6" finished, need to sort out how to double up the size to make a 12" finished block, so some time in the sewing room.

I decided I should sort out my sewing room as I have visitors coming tomorrow, so sorted out all the odd fabric thats lying around and cut it either into strips or squares, all the larger bits were ironed and put in their respective boxes. So the place is looking a bit tidier.

DB too the car and checked my tyres, do not want an accident with people in the car, he said the back ones were down a bot bit otherwise it was ok. I also need the garge to check the brakes, see if they will get through the MOT in June. If not will have to raid the piggy bank and get them sorted.

Supper prepped, so just chilling now.

Foot was sore this morning DB says it the change in the weather, I think its because I slept with my right foot under my left leg. However it seems ok this afternoon.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Dull Start

but eventually the sun broke through, so another load of laundry out on the whirly. Thats the laundry up to date till I change the bed on Monday.

Late up, DB sat up a bit too quick and ended up with a dizzy, no point in me getting up, no idea how long he was going to be in bed. it was just after 8 45 when we did get up.

Friday clean done with help from DB. My foot is almost back to normal now, the bruises are gradually fading, and the discomfort when I turn my foot is less.

DB has a Drs appointment this afternoon, they insisted despite him telling them that he saw the Dr a week or so ago. He can go on his own.

Yesterday's laundry dry and folded ready to go away,,,,there is a fair breeze this morning so hopefully the load on the whirly will dry, it can air inside.

The nights are drawing out gradually we are later putting lights on and drawing curtains. Hopefully the heat will go off at the end of the month, will just have it on first thing when we get up.


The laundry dried on the whirly, just on the rads to air off and it can all go away, hurrah!!

Inspected the clematis whilst I was out there, if its fine tomorrow I need to get out with the secateurs and do some cutting back. The little daffs are coming into flower and the bigger daffs and tulips are starting to show they are still alive.

I just calculated its 23 days till the clocks go forward, lets hope the cold weather has shifted by then and its warmer.

Well that was a wasted journey, DB back from the Drs. She has no idea why he was asked to make an appointment to see her, so both hers and DB's time wasted and at what cost to the NH. someone who was really ill could have had that appointment.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Time to empty the linen basket

and fill up the washer. It was getting difficult to get anything into the laundry basket, so today was wash day, for the coloureds that is.

I had to divide them into 2 loads as OH had put in his track suit he wears in the house. Its quite thick and takes up quite a it of water.

We were a bit later getting up, so whilst the porridge was cooking I put the first load in the washer. The sun was shining and there was a bit of a breeze. An hour later they were dancing on the line and the second load was in.

The sun kept coming and going, by 3pm it was quite grey so out I went, only the thickest stuff was not dry, so over the airer to finish off in the sitting room.

DB decided to go for a walk this morning, so well wrapped up he left for a 20 minute walk. I stayed behind to put a pot of leek and lentil soup on for lunch, delicious it was too and enough for lunch tomorrow.

DB went for his siesta, I curled up on the settee with my book and a hot water bottle wrapped in fleece for an hours read.

I picked up some YS spiced chicken goujons in Morrisons yesterday, so they will do nicely for our super with some salad and cous cous. There are a couple of bananas in the bowl, could well end up as banana splits or may be toffee bananas.

I did venture into my sewing room this morning, cut an old hand towel up, turned it sides to middle and cut off the thin bits, it will make a decent floor cloth.

There were no properties in the local area to bid on, had be been in Loughborough there were several we could have gone for including 2 bungalows. So we live another week. I did apply for a flat last week but there were 2 people in front of us, so not much chance there.

We have also applied to a local housing association, will see what they have to say.

Almost the end of another week, the time seems to fly by, its Monday and then suddenly its Friday again.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Visit to town this morning. OH had an appointment for his blood test, I needed to pay a cheque into the bank and pick up a few things from Morrisons. The sun was out but the wind was bitter, I was glad to get back into the warm.

OH has to alter his warfirin his dose, his count was too high today. He has to go back on Monday for another test. He has an appointment with the dentist on Tuesday to get his broken tooth out.

Spent the afternoon watching videos on my lap top.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The North Wind Doth Blow

Well actually its from the west but its still damn cold. It was obvious we had some rain  (or snow) during the night, everywhere was wet, but the sun came out and dried up all the wet.

Today is a chill day, nothing much on, so after prepping supper and making an apple crumble for dessert, I have spent the rest of the day on the settee reading.

Bruises continue to appear, one on my instep this time. My knee is still painful, but I manage ok.

Sewing will take a step back for this week. I just need to print off the instructions for the pot holder before the next meeting.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Has Spring Sprung?

I doubt it somehow. 

Despite snow being forecast, there was no evidence of snow when we got up, the sun was shining. Not enough in the laundry basket to warrant putting a load in the machine, it will have to wait till the end of the week.

DB gave me a hand with the Monday clean, I have someone coming this afternoon to see my Janome sewing machine, she is looking for a new one. So demonstrator mode after lunch. The floor in the sewing room was littered with bits of thread, so DB moved everything moveable and hoovered for me.

Pleased to report that my foot and leg are improving, I just have to remember not to turn my right foot on its side, its painful if I do. I have been using a local anaesthetic cream on my knee which is helping.

The clump of tete a tete coming through the gravel by the front door.

The two containers under the window, something has been digging in the top one, I suspect it might be a fox, I had planted 2 dozen tete a tete bulbs in there, No sign of the bulbs, if it ate them I hope its got bellyache!!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Ooohhhhh Some Sun

it was sunny when we got up at the back of 9am, Saturday and Sunday being our lie in days. I put our Sunday fruit breakfast in the fridge before we went to bed, pineapple, mandarin oranges and some fruits of the forest. It was delicious this morning, followed by croissant and apricot jam, at one time we would have had 2 croissant but recently I have cut it down to one. Sunday is the only day we have them. Aldi do tradition French ones which are delicious.

The bruise has come out on my ankle and also up my leg, my right knee is also protesting, but thats nothing new. I did have to get DB to help me out of the bath after my shower.

We have applied for another flat, its just round the corner from my daughter but there are 2 people in front of us, so not really expecting anything. Still thats 2 we have applied for out of the four they say we should.

DB had another dizzy yesterday and then moaned he had gut pain when we got into bed. He does get spasms occasionally. He is fine this morning, I think it was flatulence......but there you go. The slightest pain and he has something major wrong with him. I keep reminding him about the little boy who cried wolf!! he has SH super hypochondria!!

We are going out for lunch today, our anniversary was yesterday, so treat today. Then we are in lock down. I need to have enough in the small savings account to pay a months rent and also for the removal should a suitable place comes up and we are lucky enough to get it.

We are on holiday next month, so I plan to take meals and ingredients with us, so we do not have to spend out on food. We are going to relax, so maybe an outing on 2 of the days, the rest of the time will be chill out.

Up date.

Our lunch was very nice, choice of meat and vegetables, you could have as much as you wanted, so a reasonable plate for us. We came home and made coffee, the DB went for his siesta.

Cheese and tomato sandwiches for tea with the last of the cake I brought home from my quilting friends, washed down with a cup of tea, all we needed after the lunch we had. It made a big difference that I did not have to cook for once. I spent the afternoon reading on the settee with a bottle for my cold feet.