Sunday, 15 February 2015

Yuk its still a grey day

Another grey morning, think it rained early on.

Managed up earlier this morning after an early night, the lights were out before midnight, so feel a bit better this morning. 

I have discovered that one of the side effects of medication I have to take is 'tiredness' hmmmmm that explains a lot. So will be having a chat to my new Dr about it. My left arm which has been bothering me for a couple of weeks has now decided its better, no pain when I lifted my arm to put on a tee shirt.

We have to call the agents tomorrow, the new shower is doing exactly the same as the old one, except this morning after showering me with very hot water I then got doused in freezing cold water.  

We have not had a bad month on the food front. I did not buy any meat apart from bacon, the freezer is emptying nicely. I do need to get fish, but have a gift card for Sainsbugs so will get a months fish from there. We are now eating up dishes I froze earlier in the month. Next week will be a freezer audit to see whats left and do the monthly shop at Aldi in Syston. I like to have enough frozen meat etc for a month just in case. Fresh fruit and veg are not a problem.

I was astounded this week to see cauli in Morrisons for £1 they were so small, they might have just done for 2 days suppers, I paid 89p at Aldi for a much bigger one. I know it would have been over £1 in Tesco.

More work on the quilting group behalf, I need to try out all the blocks I have picked and then a second block to demo if anyone needs it. I want to get all the blocks made before the March meeting so they can pick which ones they want to make for their samplers, at least one of the blocks has to be either Dresden plate or tumbling blocks, both of which are made using the English paper piecing method and hand sewn.

We went out for a walk after lunch. DB spent over an hour in bed with a dizzy this morning.

Have just come down to cook the supper. I have made the half square triangles for the second block for the sampler. I have it to sew together, have had enough for today it can wait till tomorrow.

Pork roasting in the oven, I cooked a plum crumble earlier.

Edited to say: supper was scrumptious, pork was really nice. I roasted a bit of swede I found in the veg drawer of the fridge, it was delicious will deffo do that again. Too stuffed to move, so will slob out on the settee and watch TV for the rest of the evening.


  1. I had Pork and like you am fairly stuffed to the gills, it was over an hour before I could wash up.

  2. Could your shower problems be due to water pressure? Might there a leak somewhere and not enough pressure to provide enough water?


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