Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wonderful way to spend a wedding anniversary

Not!! Thank you for all the messages last night, the ankle is a nice shade of bluish green, it is not broken, badly bruised,not too much pain thanks to the ice block and the Anica tablets I took last night after I fell. I was very cold, so decided to take myself to  bed, dosed up with pain killers and the blanket on a low setting. I was still awake when DB came up, but did manage a decent night. Late getting up and help needed for the shower.

Its a good job we had not planned to do anything today, I can weight bear on it, but a day on the settee is called for as we have a date with a carvery tomorrow lunchtime. If I cannot get a shoe on my right foot, I will go in my slipper.

It is a dull morning, the sun keeps trying to come through. We were forecast rain, but it does not seem to have arrived yet.

I got all the laundry dry yesterday, so most of it was folded and put away. There is just one shirt that will need some attention from the iron at some point.

So an enforced chillax  day.


  1. Please make sure that you have not fractured your ankle or foot. Lots of small bones and sometimes people are able to walk with a fracture. Take care .xxxx

  2. Happy anniversary for today. How many years?
    In July we will be 50yrs.
    Hope you foot mends soon.


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