Sunday, 8 February 2015

What happened to the cold???

Another late morning, two decent nights sleep, cannot be bad.

Decided, as it was nice and sunny, to walk to the post and then walk back, so a stroll, surprised how mild it was, birds singing, very pleasant. The back garden is showing signs of spring lots of bulbs popping up.

DD2 called in at lunchtime on the way back from a walk, stopped for a drink of tea and then went on her way to walk home. Nice to see her.

DB went for his siesta, tea and toasted hot cross buns when he got up.

Roast shoulder of lamb for supper, yummy.

Mother and baby went home yesterday, so now the realisation that someone is dependant on you for everything kicks in, hope DS2 got himself some ear plugs!! I think he might need them.

                         Auntie Molly with her 2 day old niece.

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  1. Glad you've had some good nights. Lovely pix of young Molly and her niece.


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