Monday, 16 February 2015

Wet Washday

Good job I did not have anything to wash, it started to rain just before 9am and has not let up all day torrential at times.

I was doing the Monday clean when OH shouted up the stairs that the dentist had changed his appointment, he was to go today at 12.20pm so a quick run round to get out.

We parked in Sainsbury's car park and DB walked to the dentist. I had a voucher for Sainsbugs so I went into the store. I managed to spend £9.30, so had 70p loaded back onto the card.

Back home we had our lunch and DB went for his siesta, I had a loaf on so went up to the sewing room to do a bit more work on the blocks, finished one and started sorting the fabric for a second, will not get it done today though.

DB has to have the broken tooth out, its a new dentist and DB said he mentioned straight away that he would stitch the socket to prevent another visit to E & A for sutures at some obscure time of night. DB had to make an appointment for a blood test to make sure his warfarin levels are ok. He is to have a tooth put on his plate, so will be without it for a week.

I sliced the pork, we will have some for supper tonight and put enough into the freezer for a supper on another occasion.

The pork dripping in the fridge has been calling to me all day, I fell off the diet in spectacular style, I cut a slice off the loaf I made
this afternoon, spread it with the dripping, sprinkled some salt over it, and ate was scrumptious.....s** the diet.

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  1. Its been horrible here all day too. Nice bit of pork dripping dribbled with salt on bread now that does bring back memories. No wonder s.. the diet.

    Take care




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