Monday, 23 February 2015

Sun? Not For Long

the sun is shining fit to bust, the forecasters say it will not last long, rain later and again tomorrow. I have stripped the bed, want to get the sheets etc out on the whirly, there is a breeze so hopefully most of it will dry.

Very lazy day yesterday and I fell asleep reading in bed last night, DB took my book out of my hands and put the light off. It has not dome much to lift my energy levels though. Seeing the Dr tomorrow see what she says.

Bulbs are poking their noses up, we have had a crocus come up in the sq ft garden, there must have been some bulbs in there. We also have a group of what looks like grape hyacinth coming up by the front door. I need to check the clematis next month and cut them back.

The laundry dried, but the towels were still slightly wet so they are on the airer in the sitting room.

DB started with palpitations this afternoon, blasted things, thats 3 days he has had something. We are seeing the Dr tomorrow for the results of his Xray. I am going to ask her of there is anything we can do about the palps, I know they can do nothing about the dizzies.

Another block for the group started this afternoon, I have to put it together and press it. I need to get everything down into the sitting room ready for Thursday. We are going out early Thursday morning to Aldi, they have a voucher due Thursday. I can do with every penny this month for our housekeeping.

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