Tuesday, 3 February 2015


We had a fall of snow before we went to bed last night. DB a said it was still snowing when he put the light out. When we got up the snow in the parking area was pristine. We now know it is a fox fouling the grass, his or she left their footprints in the snow on the grass, along with their offering!

By mid morning the snow had started to melt in the sun, so we took ourselves off for a walk. DB a wanted to find the path that goes into the Country Park. We were successful, but decided to leave it for exploration on another day and made our way home via the Cemetery. It was a pleasant walk, even if the wind was very keen!!

Cheese on toast for lunch, after which DB went for his siesta. I wrapped myself in a fleece to read.

I spent an hour this afternoon working on the next project for the quilting group, I finished it in an hour so hopefully two hours will be enough for them to get it more or less finished.

By late afternoon all the snow had gone.......we may get a heavy frost tonight.

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