Friday, 13 February 2015

Rain? what Rain?

Oh there it is. A funny sort of morning, very cold and grey, then some rain, then sun and now back to rain again yuk!!!

DB had his first appointment with our new GP, she listened very attentively and went back through his notes. She thinks the back pain may be arthritis, well he has it in a few other places, so I am not really surprised. She was concerned about his palps and has asked for a review........hmmmmm...........also mentioned the fludrocortisone he is on. So all in all not a bad appointment. I did not go with him, he has to take care of himself from now on.

I spent all morning messing with a block for the quilt group, its a simple one, just could not get it right, driving me nuts and then I realised I had used the side of the foot to sew the first bits and then reverted to the 1/4" foot, forgot to alter the position of the needle...stupid woman. Have managed to do it now, cut a second block so I can demonstrate if necessary after I have shown them how to line up and cut the fabric.

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  1. I would not mind a pound for every time I have done that. In fact I did it this morning, five minutes unpicking.


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