Tuesday, 17 February 2015

OMG whats that!!

the sun streaming through the curtains when we got up.....I had a small load of coloureds for the laundry, they are now dancing on the whirly in the garden. Standing hanging it out, there was quite a bit of warmth there, forerunner of better weather to come? I hope so.

DB walked to the hospital for his X ray, he was a bit early for the appointment but they took him anyway, so he was home earlier than expected.

We need a trip to the library tomorrow, will be going to Morrisons on Friday after the history club meeting. I have £23 left out of this months house keeping, hopefully I might have some change for the holiday tin next week. Will be going to Aldi on Wednesday next week for the monthly shop. Thursday is the quilting group day so brought the shop a day forward.

It is now almost a year since we moved into the apartment, the planning permission had still not been given for demolition and re building of  houses; the original plans were sent back by the planning office and the whole site has had to have new drawings,2 of the apartments are now empty. We have just heard this afternoon that the plans have been passed, so the town will loose another fine building, replaced by modern houses. I am sad, it was a lovely house.

Just watched The Casual Vacancy on I player, we watched the India thing on Sunday, so boring and dry, will be watching TCV instead, mush better.

Laundry dried off on the line, got them on the airer for a couple of hours before I fold them and put them away. Lovely smell.

Off upstairs to play with fabric for a while.

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  1. Sounds like you had a proactive day. So nice to dry washing on the line and I agree the smell is great.


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