Thursday, 12 February 2015

Not a good night, 2am before the eye lids drooped.

Up just after 8am. DB appeared to be ok after his little effort last night. We set out just after 9am for the new members meeting at U3A.

Quite a few new people had joined at the end of December so there were quite a few for coffee. It was mainly for new members to meet the key members of the committee and to talk to other new members.

Another grey and very cold day, was glad to get back into the house and the warm.

Finished the scotch broth up with some left over garlic bread for lunch.

DB retired for his siesta and I wrapped myself in a fleece and snoozed on the settee.

I need to sort out the wadding for the next class for the pot holders, I plan to do a demo of how to make it and they will finish it off at the next class.

The new property list came out this morning, a bungalow in Market Harborough was the only thing that met our needs. Do not want to move to Market Harborough thanks.

Fritatta and sald for supper. No dessert.

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