Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday again

Not a good night DB had palpitations, he slept fine me? forget it. Did not get up until after 10am. Today is sheet day, he is still languishing in bed, am going up in a minute to get him out. Despite the sun shining the laundry will not dry today, might put it out for a couple of hours, but will finish it off in the sitting room on the airer.

No new properties on the list today, was thinking about applying for one of the flats, but not keen on where it is, main road on one side and Morrisons on the other. We do not want to move yet, so have decided to leave it and look next week. We would really like one of the bungalows in Asfordby, we know there is a demand for them, so I think we will sit it out for a while at least.

Oh I hear sounds from upstairs and the sheets have just appeared at the bottom of the stair case, so I guess DB is getting a shower, will open the bedroom window for a while and then remake the bed. I also need to put the Ken Dodd round the ceiling, I spied a cobweb this morning, must have missed it last week.

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