Saturday, 21 February 2015

Late Start

this morning, its Saturday so we allowed ourselves a sleep in, no alarm set.

Bright sunny morning but the wind is vicious.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, up for his lunch, so no siesta this afternoon, he is going to wash the salt off the car. I need to start the supper, liver and sausage.

Still working on samples, I have finished tacking the tumbling block pieces and have photocopied the lozenges so they can cut out their own, they will need 21 for the 7 blocks they will make. I now have to write the instructions.

On to the next one, I am not sure what it might be yet........possibly one with flying geese........may be Dutchmans puzzle...... yes it is, I have started to cut out the fabric......

DB went out and washed all the salt from the roads off the car, just as he finished it pelted down with rain.....its now stopped and we have the sun out again. It got very cold in the house so the heating is back on.

Liver and sausage cooking gently on the stove ready for supper there will be enough liver for at least 2 more meals with either sausage or bacon.

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  1. Dutchmans Puzzle is a favourite block of mine and liver and sausage in gravy one of my favourite dinners. We had the bitter wind along with rain, sleet, snow and hail interspersed with the odd few moments of brilliant sunshine. Roll on spring.


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