Friday, 27 February 2015

Just a bit of excitement!!

Morning at home, this afternoon I went to see my quilting friend and spent a pleasant afternoon eating cake and drinking tea.

Traffic was horrendous in Melton coming back, it took me ages to get home once I hit the town.

I managed to fall down the stairs after supper, I managed to wedge myself between the bottom of the stairs and the bookcase. No bones broken, but bruised foot and feeling a bit block on the foot and taking arnica for the bruise.


  1. Hope you are okay Anne; please take things steady we would like to keep you in one piece if at all possible.

    Take care



  2. Ouch! Bless you heart. Thank the good Lord for no broken bones! The scary part about falls like this is the unseen things you hurt and they pop up later. Take care and feel better soon!

  3. Oh gosh Anne, so sorry about the fall - as my dear mum would have said "better take more water with it"!!
    Seriously though my dear, please get well soon - you were fortunate not to break anything. I'm always concerned about one of us falling these days, especially with this recent ice and snow. Backs and hips are wearing out and we need to take care.

    Thinking of you - hope all feels better very soon.
    Hugs - Mary

  4. Take care Anne and slow up a little - rest a while, a tumble like that can really shake you up and make you feel really rough - bet there will be a right sized bruise come out tomorrow xxx

  5. Oh goodness me! Hope the aches and bruises soon go. Take Care

  6. Please take care! They say that if you fall like that your soul is shaken a little out of place and takes time to settle back. It's superstitious nonsense, of course, but it feels like that (veteran of many falls). I hope you feel better soon and have a chance to allow your soul to settle. WS xxx

  7. Joining in with all the others to say "Take care" - and agreeing that these falls can certainly shake you up. So pleased that there are no broken bones too. Sending hugs xx

  8. Please take care. I hope you mend soon. Falls like that can be treacherous! You were fortunate you did not break a bone. Barb ((HUGS))


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