Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hey Ho

Visit to the Dr this morning. As expected DB has arthritis in his hips, He has been given exercises to do, she is also going to refer back to Dr Lakani about the palpitations. He had an ECG whilst we were there, it was normal....whats new!!

As to me, suffering from exhaustion, I have to increase one of my medications and rest as much as possible, chance would be a fine thing!! So I have spent the afternoon on the settee with a book wrapped in a fleece. We both have to go back in a month.

Its been another fine day with just occasional showers of rain. Wish I had done a load of laundry overnight.

DD2 coming for coffee tomorrow, so we have to nip out early to the library, we both have books that need to be back. DB is also going to see a coin dealer who stands in the market on Wednesday. We have found a cache of old coins in a tin, one of them is a George V crown, which might be worth a bit. We live in hopes.

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