Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fine daybut bbrrrrrr

Had a load of laundry on the line before breakfast today.

Went into town to the library and got our books, left OH there, went over to Boyes for a couple of things and drove home.

DB and DD2 arrived almost together, he had walked back from the town having seen the coin man, the money went in the treat box for our holidays so we snould have a nice little amount when the time comes.

DB decided he had chest pain and a dizzy, so went to bed, he does get pain from his chest muscles from time to time, it has landed him in hospital before now. I no longer take any notice. He just has to get on with it.

Again spent the afternoon reading on the settee with a hot water bottle at my feet, nice and cosy.

We are having our usual Friday night supper tonight, I have to cook tonights supper on at Aldi tomorrow.

Everything ready to take to the quilting group tomorrow, will see how far the ladies have got with their bags.

Last night was the first taking the doubled up medication, slept ok, but kept waking up.......managed to get up ok this morning.

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