Friday, 20 February 2015

End of another week

Friday again, it seems to come round so quick these days. No rain, very weak sunshine, no real warmth in it, I have put the heating back on for an hour or so.

Friday clean done, moved the big settee and hoovered underneath, also stripped the kitchen and gave it a good clean, I had not done it for 3 weeks......naughty......

DB off to the history meeting this afternoon, I have to go to Morrisons for a small top up shop before we go to Aldi next Wednesday.

My eldest GD has worked for the same travel agent for 5 years, she is moving on, today is her last day, she starts a new job on Monday as office manager for an independent travel agent. We keep getting hints about her getting married, if she does it will be abroad, so we will not be going. I no longer have a passport and the insurance for DB would be horrendous, its out of the question.

History meeting and Morrisons shop over. I tallied up what I had spent on food this month and I have come in under budget by £4.65, so I have dutifully posted it into the holiday treats fund, the tin is getting quite heavy, so some nice treats in store I hope.

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  1. I agree the weeks just seem to fly by these days. We had a nice sunny day, but bitterly cold. Getting so tired of this weather, roll on Spring.
    I had a real estate agent in today to get some idea of what my house is worth, she will be getting back to me next week. Then I will have another come in and do the same, see if they come close to each other in price. A lot of cleaning out to do, as I have been in this house for 39-40 years.
    Have a great day.


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