Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Back to winter??

After a couple of days of really nice weather, today we are back to very grey skies so although I put the towels out on the whirly they did not dry at all, so I had to resort to using the dryer.

DB had a dizzy this morning. I made a large pot of scotch broth, we had some for lunch today, there is enough for a couple more lunches. DB is off to a bowls meeting tonight, so I get control of the TV control whilst he is out.

I was so tired this afternoon I went to bed for an hour, most unlike me. the tiredness is beginning to get me down. In the meantime I need to get DB's supper, he has to go out early for his meeting.

The latest picture of Evie asleep with her bunny rabbit. I am hoping to get over to see her in the next few days.


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