Monday, 2 February 2015

At Last

We have a working shower and toilet. Plumber rang at 7.55am to say he was coming by 10.15 the job was done. I am so glad,another day of using a bucket to flush would be a day too far.

The overnight frost had lifted when we got up, so I have a load of laundry out, doubt it will dry but you never know.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, so lunch was late.

After lunch we walked over to Tesco to get a couple of things I forgot at the weekend. It was bitterly cold. We were glad to get back in the warm.

The laundry was almost dry so its on the airer to finish off.


  1. Bitterly cold here too, but lovely and bright with a light breeze so my laundry dried pretty well on the line. Glad you got your toilet sorted.

  2. Glad that you got sorted today. Look after yourself.


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