Saturday, 14 February 2015

Another late night

Reading until after midnight them DB had the wriggles, it was after 2.30am before I got off to sleep. No alarm this morning so 9.30 before a foot was out of bed.

After breakfast we moved the tables round in my sewing room, had to move boxes and put them back, then spent an hour sorting out a block to start the sampler quilt they will be making in class. Needed to sort out patterns that end up 12 1/2" square..... I have ended up with 10 blocks, so they can choose which ones to use, any more than that and they might find it overwhelming. They are escalating in complexity and a couple of them are hand made over papers. I also cut the wadding for the pot holders which are their next project, something quite simple. After that its over to them for fabric etc, although I will have lost quite a bit of my stash. Will have to see about replacing some of it.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am catching up on the Internet, will make a cuppa when he comes down.

Its another grey day, keeps raining on and off, not as cold as it has been but cold enough for me to put the heating back on in a mo.

GGD had her first outing yesterday, was taken to see her fathers Mother, apparently was very good. No sign of them coming here.....I will wait.

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