Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Another bright morning, the sun was quite warm out of the breeze.

We had decided to park in Sainsbury's car park and walk to the library. There were very few cars in when we got there and not many more when I drove out. I called in to get a TV choice, there were not  many people in the shop either, lots of staff just standing about talking. 

I left DB in the library carrying on with his research, he was coming home on the bus.

When I got home I decided to wash the cover on DBs chair, it was looking decidedly grubby, and the breeze, hopefully, will dry it. As it is cream I decided to make up the load with the whites in the laundry basket, it takes a few minutes longer on the stain removal programme, even so was only just over an hour.

I took a beef casserole out of the freezer yesterday, put in some sweet corn, I will do a couple of spuds and some calabrese with it for supper tonight. There is one portion of the crumble left, I will have that DB can have a banana and cream.

I sat watching TV last night and tacked the fabric on the 12 blades for the dresden plate block, just sewing 4 of them together.

Who was the idiot who decided to make 12" finished blocks for the group.......yup me!! I have just spent all afternoon trying to sort out a block, because I always cut half square triangles over size and trim them down to make sure they are accurate, I stood looking at the instructions for the rest of the block and they were not right.....I suddenly realised I was looking at the cutting pattern for a 6" block.....arrgggg thank heavens I had not cut all the fabric or I would not have been amused!! I have sorted it out will be going back upstairs when I have unscrambled my brain to sew it up. Fingers crossed the damn thing comes out to size. Its called 'Old Maid' I am not the time you had sorted it out you would be an old maid!!

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