Thursday, 5 February 2015

£45.00 well spent

The problems with the time it was taking to download onto my lap top were sending me crackers, so I phoned the computer chap. He came about 10am and worked on problems on both computers, both sorted thank heavens. Had to do a massive de-frag on DB's but all done and sorted, he was here for about 2 hours. Very nice chap, DB's computer and some software installed that had come in piggy backed on something else, which was causing his problem. Mine was due to an outdated virus detector which had been installed by my old techie.....not happy about that as he also over charged me for doing it. Needless to say I will not be taking the lap top to him again, this chap does everything at the house.

Weather is snow, sleet, rain really dank and horrid. We have to go to chiropody this afternoon to get our feet seen to. Will take the car as the weather is so horrid.

Tomorrow I am off to see my quilting friend, will do some shopping for her at Aldi on the way. Will have to keep my purse tightly shut!!

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