Saturday, 28 February 2015

Wonderful way to spend a wedding anniversary

Not!! Thank you for all the messages last night, the ankle is a nice shade of bluish green, it is not broken, badly bruised,not too much pain thanks to the ice block and the Anica tablets I took last night after I fell. I was very cold, so decided to take myself to  bed, dosed up with pain killers and the blanket on a low setting. I was still awake when DB came up, but did manage a decent night. Late getting up and help needed for the shower.

Its a good job we had not planned to do anything today, I can weight bear on it, but a day on the settee is called for as we have a date with a carvery tomorrow lunchtime. If I cannot get a shoe on my right foot, I will go in my slipper.

It is a dull morning, the sun keeps trying to come through. We were forecast rain, but it does not seem to have arrived yet.

I got all the laundry dry yesterday, so most of it was folded and put away. There is just one shirt that will need some attention from the iron at some point.

So an enforced chillax  day.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Just a bit of excitement!!

Morning at home, this afternoon I went to see my quilting friend and spent a pleasant afternoon eating cake and drinking tea.

Traffic was horrendous in Melton coming back, it took me ages to get home once I hit the town.

I managed to fall down the stairs after supper, I managed to wedge myself between the bottom of the stairs and the bookcase. No bones broken, but bruised foot and feeling a bit block on the foot and taking arnica for the bruise.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rain, rain go away

Chucked it down this morning when we went to Aldi, it rained all the way there and back. Came out with over £50 of grocery for £47, the £5 saved has gone into the holiday tin.

Back home I was able to chill for a bit before setting out for the quilting group this afternoon. It was a good afternoon, everyone enjoyed themselves, bags still have to be finished next month and then the pot holders made.

DB held the fort whilst I was out. I have to say I am shattered, but I have this evening and tomorrow morning before I go to see my quilty friend tomorrow afternoon and then I am doing nothing except slob on the settee over the weekend.

By the time I came home the sun was out, the wet had dried up but it was still very cold.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fine daybut bbrrrrrr

Had a load of laundry on the line before breakfast today.

Went into town to the library and got our books, left OH there, went over to Boyes for a couple of things and drove home.

DB and DD2 arrived almost together, he had walked back from the town having seen the coin man, the money went in the treat box for our holidays so we snould have a nice little amount when the time comes.

DB decided he had chest pain and a dizzy, so went to bed, he does get pain from his chest muscles from time to time, it has landed him in hospital before now. I no longer take any notice. He just has to get on with it.

Again spent the afternoon reading on the settee with a hot water bottle at my feet, nice and cosy.

We are having our usual Friday night supper tonight, I have to cook tonights supper on at Aldi tomorrow.

Everything ready to take to the quilting group tomorrow, will see how far the ladies have got with their bags.

Last night was the first taking the doubled up medication, slept ok, but kept waking up.......managed to get up ok this morning.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hey Ho

Visit to the Dr this morning. As expected DB has arthritis in his hips, He has been given exercises to do, she is also going to refer back to Dr Lakani about the palpitations. He had an ECG whilst we were there, it was normal....whats new!!

As to me, suffering from exhaustion, I have to increase one of my medications and rest as much as possible, chance would be a fine thing!! So I have spent the afternoon on the settee with a book wrapped in a fleece. We both have to go back in a month.

Its been another fine day with just occasional showers of rain. Wish I had done a load of laundry overnight.

DD2 coming for coffee tomorrow, so we have to nip out early to the library, we both have books that need to be back. DB is also going to see a coin dealer who stands in the market on Wednesday. We have found a cache of old coins in a tin, one of them is a George V crown, which might be worth a bit. We live in hopes.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Sun? Not For Long

the sun is shining fit to bust, the forecasters say it will not last long, rain later and again tomorrow. I have stripped the bed, want to get the sheets etc out on the whirly, there is a breeze so hopefully most of it will dry.

Very lazy day yesterday and I fell asleep reading in bed last night, DB took my book out of my hands and put the light off. It has not dome much to lift my energy levels though. Seeing the Dr tomorrow see what she says.

Bulbs are poking their noses up, we have had a crocus come up in the sq ft garden, there must have been some bulbs in there. We also have a group of what looks like grape hyacinth coming up by the front door. I need to check the clematis next month and cut them back.

The laundry dried, but the towels were still slightly wet so they are on the airer in the sitting room.

DB started with palpitations this afternoon, blasted things, thats 3 days he has had something. We are seeing the Dr tomorrow for the results of his Xray. I am going to ask her of there is anything we can do about the palps, I know they can do nothing about the dizzies.

Another block for the group started this afternoon, I have to put it together and press it. I need to get everything down into the sitting room ready for Thursday. We are going out early Thursday morning to Aldi, they have a voucher due Thursday. I can do with every penny this month for our housekeeping.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Quiet Day

Late up, almost 10am before OH surfaced. We had pineapple and oranges in juice followed by croissant with damson jam for breakfast.

I have spent the rest of the day reading on the settee. DB retired to bed with a dizzy mid morning.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Late Start

this morning, its Saturday so we allowed ourselves a sleep in, no alarm set.

Bright sunny morning but the wind is vicious.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, up for his lunch, so no siesta this afternoon, he is going to wash the salt off the car. I need to start the supper, liver and sausage.

Still working on samples, I have finished tacking the tumbling block pieces and have photocopied the lozenges so they can cut out their own, they will need 21 for the 7 blocks they will make. I now have to write the instructions.

On to the next one, I am not sure what it might be yet........possibly one with flying geese........may be Dutchmans puzzle...... yes it is, I have started to cut out the fabric......

DB went out and washed all the salt from the roads off the car, just as he finished it pelted down with rain.....its now stopped and we have the sun out again. It got very cold in the house so the heating is back on.

Liver and sausage cooking gently on the stove ready for supper there will be enough liver for at least 2 more meals with either sausage or bacon.

Friday, 20 February 2015

End of another week

Friday again, it seems to come round so quick these days. No rain, very weak sunshine, no real warmth in it, I have put the heating back on for an hour or so.

Friday clean done, moved the big settee and hoovered underneath, also stripped the kitchen and gave it a good clean, I had not done it for 3 weeks......naughty......

DB off to the history meeting this afternoon, I have to go to Morrisons for a small top up shop before we go to Aldi next Wednesday.

My eldest GD has worked for the same travel agent for 5 years, she is moving on, today is her last day, she starts a new job on Monday as office manager for an independent travel agent. We keep getting hints about her getting married, if she does it will be abroad, so we will not be going. I no longer have a passport and the insurance for DB would be horrendous, its out of the question.

History meeting and Morrisons shop over. I tallied up what I had spent on food this month and I have come in under budget by £4.65, so I have dutifully posted it into the holiday treats fund, the tin is getting quite heavy, so some nice treats in store I hope.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Its Raining

 it started as we went out to the U3A meeting. Neither of us were inspired by the speaker, who was very busy promoting her books and not encouraging people to write themselves. She over ran her allotted time by almost 20 minutes, several people fell asleep and a couple of people got up and left when she had finished speaking.

It was still chucking it down when we came out. Home for bacon sarnies, DB has an appointment at the orthotics clinic this afternoon, he needs new insoles for his shoes. I will be struggling with yet another block for the quilters group.

My quilting friend phoned me last night, she had rung the people who had collected her Juki long arm machine to find out what was wrong with it. Apparently it needs a new circuit board and carbon brushes. She is not happy, although the machine is almost 4 years old, it has not been used many times. They told her it would cost £485, the machine itself was £995.00 when she bought it, so almost half the cost of a new machine for a circuit board..............she could not make up her mind what to do.

Spent the afternoon sewing another block and cutting out over 100 fans for dresden plates. I have to cut out the same number of lozenges for tumbling blocks, but they can wait for another day.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Another bright morning, the sun was quite warm out of the breeze.

We had decided to park in Sainsbury's car park and walk to the library. There were very few cars in when we got there and not many more when I drove out. I called in to get a TV choice, there were not  many people in the shop either, lots of staff just standing about talking. 

I left DB in the library carrying on with his research, he was coming home on the bus.

When I got home I decided to wash the cover on DBs chair, it was looking decidedly grubby, and the breeze, hopefully, will dry it. As it is cream I decided to make up the load with the whites in the laundry basket, it takes a few minutes longer on the stain removal programme, even so was only just over an hour.

I took a beef casserole out of the freezer yesterday, put in some sweet corn, I will do a couple of spuds and some calabrese with it for supper tonight. There is one portion of the crumble left, I will have that DB can have a banana and cream.

I sat watching TV last night and tacked the fabric on the 12 blades for the dresden plate block, just sewing 4 of them together.

Who was the idiot who decided to make 12" finished blocks for the group.......yup me!! I have just spent all afternoon trying to sort out a block, because I always cut half square triangles over size and trim them down to make sure they are accurate, I stood looking at the instructions for the rest of the block and they were not right.....I suddenly realised I was looking at the cutting pattern for a 6" block.....arrgggg thank heavens I had not cut all the fabric or I would not have been amused!! I have sorted it out will be going back upstairs when I have unscrambled my brain to sew it up. Fingers crossed the damn thing comes out to size. Its called 'Old Maid' I am not the time you had sorted it out you would be an old maid!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

OMG whats that!!

the sun streaming through the curtains when we got up.....I had a small load of coloureds for the laundry, they are now dancing on the whirly in the garden. Standing hanging it out, there was quite a bit of warmth there, forerunner of better weather to come? I hope so.

DB walked to the hospital for his X ray, he was a bit early for the appointment but they took him anyway, so he was home earlier than expected.

We need a trip to the library tomorrow, will be going to Morrisons on Friday after the history club meeting. I have £23 left out of this months house keeping, hopefully I might have some change for the holiday tin next week. Will be going to Aldi on Wednesday next week for the monthly shop. Thursday is the quilting group day so brought the shop a day forward.

It is now almost a year since we moved into the apartment, the planning permission had still not been given for demolition and re building of  houses; the original plans were sent back by the planning office and the whole site has had to have new drawings,2 of the apartments are now empty. We have just heard this afternoon that the plans have been passed, so the town will loose another fine building, replaced by modern houses. I am sad, it was a lovely house.

Just watched The Casual Vacancy on I player, we watched the India thing on Sunday, so boring and dry, will be watching TCV instead, mush better.

Laundry dried off on the line, got them on the airer for a couple of hours before I fold them and put them away. Lovely smell.

Off upstairs to play with fabric for a while.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Wet Washday

Good job I did not have anything to wash, it started to rain just before 9am and has not let up all day torrential at times.

I was doing the Monday clean when OH shouted up the stairs that the dentist had changed his appointment, he was to go today at 12.20pm so a quick run round to get out.

We parked in Sainsbury's car park and DB walked to the dentist. I had a voucher for Sainsbugs so I went into the store. I managed to spend £9.30, so had 70p loaded back onto the card.

Back home we had our lunch and DB went for his siesta, I had a loaf on so went up to the sewing room to do a bit more work on the blocks, finished one and started sorting the fabric for a second, will not get it done today though.

DB has to have the broken tooth out, its a new dentist and DB said he mentioned straight away that he would stitch the socket to prevent another visit to E & A for sutures at some obscure time of night. DB had to make an appointment for a blood test to make sure his warfarin levels are ok. He is to have a tooth put on his plate, so will be without it for a week.

I sliced the pork, we will have some for supper tonight and put enough into the freezer for a supper on another occasion.

The pork dripping in the fridge has been calling to me all day, I fell off the diet in spectacular style, I cut a slice off the loaf I made
this afternoon, spread it with the dripping, sprinkled some salt over it, and ate was scrumptious.....s** the diet.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Yuk its still a grey day

Another grey morning, think it rained early on.

Managed up earlier this morning after an early night, the lights were out before midnight, so feel a bit better this morning. 

I have discovered that one of the side effects of medication I have to take is 'tiredness' hmmmmm that explains a lot. So will be having a chat to my new Dr about it. My left arm which has been bothering me for a couple of weeks has now decided its better, no pain when I lifted my arm to put on a tee shirt.

We have to call the agents tomorrow, the new shower is doing exactly the same as the old one, except this morning after showering me with very hot water I then got doused in freezing cold water.  

We have not had a bad month on the food front. I did not buy any meat apart from bacon, the freezer is emptying nicely. I do need to get fish, but have a gift card for Sainsbugs so will get a months fish from there. We are now eating up dishes I froze earlier in the month. Next week will be a freezer audit to see whats left and do the monthly shop at Aldi in Syston. I like to have enough frozen meat etc for a month just in case. Fresh fruit and veg are not a problem.

I was astounded this week to see cauli in Morrisons for £1 they were so small, they might have just done for 2 days suppers, I paid 89p at Aldi for a much bigger one. I know it would have been over £1 in Tesco.

More work on the quilting group behalf, I need to try out all the blocks I have picked and then a second block to demo if anyone needs it. I want to get all the blocks made before the March meeting so they can pick which ones they want to make for their samplers, at least one of the blocks has to be either Dresden plate or tumbling blocks, both of which are made using the English paper piecing method and hand sewn.

We went out for a walk after lunch. DB spent over an hour in bed with a dizzy this morning.

Have just come down to cook the supper. I have made the half square triangles for the second block for the sampler. I have it to sew together, have had enough for today it can wait till tomorrow.

Pork roasting in the oven, I cooked a plum crumble earlier.

Edited to say: supper was scrumptious, pork was really nice. I roasted a bit of swede I found in the veg drawer of the fridge, it was delicious will deffo do that again. Too stuffed to move, so will slob out on the settee and watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Another late night

Reading until after midnight them DB had the wriggles, it was after 2.30am before I got off to sleep. No alarm this morning so 9.30 before a foot was out of bed.

After breakfast we moved the tables round in my sewing room, had to move boxes and put them back, then spent an hour sorting out a block to start the sampler quilt they will be making in class. Needed to sort out patterns that end up 12 1/2" square..... I have ended up with 10 blocks, so they can choose which ones to use, any more than that and they might find it overwhelming. They are escalating in complexity and a couple of them are hand made over papers. I also cut the wadding for the pot holders which are their next project, something quite simple. After that its over to them for fabric etc, although I will have lost quite a bit of my stash. Will have to see about replacing some of it.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am catching up on the Internet, will make a cuppa when he comes down.

Its another grey day, keeps raining on and off, not as cold as it has been but cold enough for me to put the heating back on in a mo.

GGD had her first outing yesterday, was taken to see her fathers Mother, apparently was very good. No sign of them coming here.....I will wait.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Rain? what Rain?

Oh there it is. A funny sort of morning, very cold and grey, then some rain, then sun and now back to rain again yuk!!!

DB had his first appointment with our new GP, she listened very attentively and went back through his notes. She thinks the back pain may be arthritis, well he has it in a few other places, so I am not really surprised. She was concerned about his palps and has asked for a review........hmmmmm...........also mentioned the fludrocortisone he is on. So all in all not a bad appointment. I did not go with him, he has to take care of himself from now on.

I spent all morning messing with a block for the quilt group, its a simple one, just could not get it right, driving me nuts and then I realised I had used the side of the foot to sew the first bits and then reverted to the 1/4" foot, forgot to alter the position of the needle...stupid woman. Have managed to do it now, cut a second block so I can demonstrate if necessary after I have shown them how to line up and cut the fabric.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Not a good night, 2am before the eye lids drooped.

Up just after 8am. DB appeared to be ok after his little effort last night. We set out just after 9am for the new members meeting at U3A.

Quite a few new people had joined at the end of December so there were quite a few for coffee. It was mainly for new members to meet the key members of the committee and to talk to other new members.

Another grey and very cold day, was glad to get back into the house and the warm.

Finished the scotch broth up with some left over garlic bread for lunch.

DB retired for his siesta and I wrapped myself in a fleece and snoozed on the settee.

I need to sort out the wadding for the next class for the pot holders, I plan to do a demo of how to make it and they will finish it off at the next class.

The new property list came out this morning, a bungalow in Market Harborough was the only thing that met our needs. Do not want to move to Market Harborough thanks.

Fritatta and sald for supper. No dessert.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Another Murky Day

Very dull and grey, not going down well after 2 days of sunshine!!

Quick visit to the council offices this morning, long wait so had the stuff in an envelope addressed, gave it to the chap and asked for a receipt so they cannot say I did not put the stuff in.

Dropped OH at the library and went on to Morrisons for a few bits of shopping. Bought some ham in case SIL decided to drop on us, that and a wholemeal loaf in the freezer.

Cauliflowers were £1, very small so got some brussels instead, still have 1/4 of a cabbage so that should see us through the weekend.

Meatballs in tomato sauce and spaghetti for supper tonight. Got out a chocolate whip for dessert, I have some bitter chocolate flakes I want to use up.

I am going to have to put the heat back on, its bitter. I guess DB will have his siesta, I left him doing research at the library, so will be wrapping myself in a fleece with a hot water bottle on the settee.
Scotch broth for lunch with HM bread. Will make a baking of scones for afternoon tea.

DB arrived home having walked from the library, he missed the bus, it never sticks to the blessed timetable.

Just before 5pm DB announced he had palpitations again, thats the second time in 3 days!! I know he can't help it, but there must be something they can do, these and the dizzies are ruining our lives. It makes me so angry and then I feel guilty. I am at rock bottom as it is....why cannot someone find an answer and give us our lives back???

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Back to winter??

After a couple of days of really nice weather, today we are back to very grey skies so although I put the towels out on the whirly they did not dry at all, so I had to resort to using the dryer.

DB had a dizzy this morning. I made a large pot of scotch broth, we had some for lunch today, there is enough for a couple more lunches. DB is off to a bowls meeting tonight, so I get control of the TV control whilst he is out.

I was so tired this afternoon I went to bed for an hour, most unlike me. the tiredness is beginning to get me down. In the meantime I need to get DB's supper, he has to go out early for his meeting.

The latest picture of Evie asleep with her bunny rabbit. I am hoping to get over to see her in the next few days.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday again

Not a good night DB had palpitations, he slept fine me? forget it. Did not get up until after 10am. Today is sheet day, he is still languishing in bed, am going up in a minute to get him out. Despite the sun shining the laundry will not dry today, might put it out for a couple of hours, but will finish it off in the sitting room on the airer.

No new properties on the list today, was thinking about applying for one of the flats, but not keen on where it is, main road on one side and Morrisons on the other. We do not want to move yet, so have decided to leave it and look next week. We would really like one of the bungalows in Asfordby, we know there is a demand for them, so I think we will sit it out for a while at least.

Oh I hear sounds from upstairs and the sheets have just appeared at the bottom of the stair case, so I guess DB is getting a shower, will open the bedroom window for a while and then remake the bed. I also need to put the Ken Dodd round the ceiling, I spied a cobweb this morning, must have missed it last week.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

What happened to the cold???

Another late morning, two decent nights sleep, cannot be bad.

Decided, as it was nice and sunny, to walk to the post and then walk back, so a stroll, surprised how mild it was, birds singing, very pleasant. The back garden is showing signs of spring lots of bulbs popping up.

DD2 called in at lunchtime on the way back from a walk, stopped for a drink of tea and then went on her way to walk home. Nice to see her.

DB went for his siesta, tea and toasted hot cross buns when he got up.

Roast shoulder of lamb for supper, yummy.

Mother and baby went home yesterday, so now the realisation that someone is dependant on you for everything kicks in, hope DS2 got himself some ear plugs!! I think he might need them.

                         Auntie Molly with her 2 day old niece.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Down to Earth

after yesterdays excitement.

Shattered last night so did not set the alarm this morning, did make it down before 10am, just.......

Horrid day, very dull and grey, not sure if it has rained or not. have not been out of either the front or back door.

DB went for his siesta after lunch, I cut the rest of the strips for my quilting friend, will have to make sure I do not forget them next time I go.

We had a letter from the council yesterday, we are on the waiting list and can bid for a property, not that we can see them, cannot get the details to load on the lap top.  I did manage to get it up on the I pad, so it looks like we are going to have to look at that to see whats available. The list is updated each Monday.

No news from the family, I think they are all exhausted.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Hot Off the Press

Evie Amanda born 3.15am this morning weighing 6lbs 8 ozs.

Mother and baby doing well. So that makes 4 great grandchildren, 1 girl and three boys.

Gosh what a day, baby news first thing, then off to see my quilting friend. I took the go machine with me and cut a load of strips for her, so she can sort out a pattern for a new quilt.

Shattered now, need a great Nana nap, not likely to get one though.

DB had been fine whilst I was out, he forgot to have the beans forhis lunch, so I guess we will have them tomorrow lunchtime. 

Traffic was horrendous going to Desford, they are starting to build a new industrial estate and widening the road, lots of lorries and cars queuing to get through the piece of one way road. Thankfully when I came back the workmen had given up for the weekend, so no problem getting through. Even the street in Melton was not as  bad as it usually is.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

£45.00 well spent

The problems with the time it was taking to download onto my lap top were sending me crackers, so I phoned the computer chap. He came about 10am and worked on problems on both computers, both sorted thank heavens. Had to do a massive de-frag on DB's but all done and sorted, he was here for about 2 hours. Very nice chap, DB's computer and some software installed that had come in piggy backed on something else, which was causing his problem. Mine was due to an outdated virus detector which had been installed by my old techie.....not happy about that as he also over charged me for doing it. Needless to say I will not be taking the lap top to him again, this chap does everything at the house.

Weather is snow, sleet, rain really dank and horrid. We have to go to chiropody this afternoon to get our feet seen to. Will take the car as the weather is so horrid.

Tomorrow I am off to see my quilting friend, will do some shopping for her at Aldi on the way. Will have to keep my purse tightly shut!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

and again

Snow, just a light dusting, by the time we were ready to go out it had mostly cleared, but it was bitter.

Went to the library to change our books, DB went to put a script in, I nipped into Morrison's to get his yogurt.

My lap top is causing problems have given in and called a local techie to come and have a look at it. Hope its not going to cost an arm and a leg.

I need to sort out my new glasses, I only need them for distance so do not want to spend a huge amount, have been looking on the Internet, they seem to be a lot cheaper then Boots etc.

DB went for his siesta, a fleece on the settee and a book, I was quite happy.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


We had a fall of snow before we went to bed last night. DB a said it was still snowing when he put the light out. When we got up the snow in the parking area was pristine. We now know it is a fox fouling the grass, his or she left their footprints in the snow on the grass, along with their offering!

By mid morning the snow had started to melt in the sun, so we took ourselves off for a walk. DB a wanted to find the path that goes into the Country Park. We were successful, but decided to leave it for exploration on another day and made our way home via the Cemetery. It was a pleasant walk, even if the wind was very keen!!

Cheese on toast for lunch, after which DB went for his siesta. I wrapped myself in a fleece to read.

I spent an hour this afternoon working on the next project for the quilting group, I finished it in an hour so hopefully two hours will be enough for them to get it more or less finished.

By late afternoon all the snow had gone.......we may get a heavy frost tonight.

Monday, 2 February 2015

At Last

We have a working shower and toilet. Plumber rang at 7.55am to say he was coming by 10.15 the job was done. I am so glad,another day of using a bucket to flush would be a day too far.

The overnight frost had lifted when we got up, so I have a load of laundry out, doubt it will dry but you never know.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy, so lunch was late.

After lunch we walked over to Tesco to get a couple of things I forgot at the weekend. It was bitterly cold. We were glad to get back in the warm.

The laundry was almost dry so its on the airer to finish off.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Welcome to February

What a grey day it is too. I have a load of laundry in, hoping it will dry outside, we have no snow or rain forecast for today.

Gammon joint for supper tonight, cooked in the pressure cooker and finished off in the oven with brown sugar and mustard rubbed into the scored fat, will cut enough for tonight and then slice the rest for the freezer. I used some of the liquor to make leek and lentil soup for lunch, enough for tomorrow and a carton to go in the freezer to make soup later.

Nothing at all yesterday re the loo so we are still using the bucket to flush. DB is very cross with the agents, they have always been so helpful in the past. Not having a reserve plumber is a bit short sighted. We wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Laundry dried on the line, just aired it off on the airer in the sitting room.

The gammon was delicious, I did roasties, carrots, cauli and calabrese with mustard sauce.........I could have eaten it all over again.

It turned very cold late afternoon so put the heating back on low, was nice and cosy wrapped in a fleece blanket on the settee with my library book.