Friday, 9 January 2015

What a wild night

the wind was howling, it kept me awake for ages, I got up and made tea just after 3am.

We have an old plastic dustbin at the top of the garden we store rain water in. The wind has blown it over, so all the water has gone over the grass.

Its a fine morning, but still quite breezy and according to the forecast we are due higher winds shortly.

I shifted the small bookcase from the sitting room last night via Gumtree, I need to go up to the attic tomorrow. DD2 wants to borrow the dehumidifier and I want so see what else is up there that I can dispose of. Then we need to start in our bedroom, not that there is much left in there.

I have an idea for three lap quilts, I need to have a sort through my fabric stash, I need 12 lots of fabric for each one. Very simple just 5" squares arranged in strips.

Friday clean done, including the kitchen floor. Leek and potato soup on the stove.

We have appointments at the opticians at 2.30pm, we will have to pay to park, which drives me nuts. I also need to go to Yorkshire trading and the £ shop.

Yesterdays local paper....Aldi are buying the old Ambulance station and opening a shop there. It will be great, there is nothing on that side of the town, so as long as the Feefoes, they manage the town estate, keep their noses out by this time next year we may have both Aldi and Lidl. Something to look forward to.

The wind has dropped to a stiff breeze, its sunny but the wind chill makes it feel really cold.

DB having his siesta, we will go out once he gets up. if he is not down by 2pm I have to go and wake him up.

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  1. We had a wild nigh too, more snow which blew around into drifts.
    Hope your Aldi goes through OK, it's nice to have a choice of two stores.
    Sounds as if you are going to be busy with your lap quilts, look forward to seeing them here.
    Keep warm.


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