Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Weird Weather

Really weird weather this morning, started off raining, then the sun came out, not the sky is black as ink and its hissing down.

Hope it clears I am off to collect DD2 to go shopping at Aldi. As long as it does not snow I do not mind. I am really glad we are down here just now, the weather in Scotland is dire. Had we still been at the cottage I guess we would have been snowed in again.

Have spent an hour this morning going through some of the bits and strips box. Pressing the fabric and cutting it either into squares or strips depending on the length and width of the fabric. I plan to try and spend an hour a day trying to sort the box out.

I need a load of strips for the next class project, a pot holder, I need to make a couple of samples.

We had everything on the way to Aldi and back, rain, sun, sleet ad then snow. Thankfully it did not settle.

Ready for the first session of the quilting group. I will not have this much to take to the next meeting, thank heavens. I doubt I will sleep much tonight, strangely nervous for some reason. Its not as if I have not taught before.


  1. Hope your class goes o.k. I am sure it will.

  2. I hope the class goes well too - you have certainly put in the time and effort to prepare for it - and I hope that your students are appreciative and enjoy it xxx


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