Sunday, 11 January 2015

We made it out of bed earlier

this morning. It was bright, windy but brrrrr. I had put a load of washing in last night, so out it went this morning, by lunchtime the sky had clouded over, so I brought it in, it was mostly dry, just put it on the airer in the sitting room for a while to air.

Not much done today, DB spent some time in the garden clearing up the plant pots that had blown around. The small plastic greenhouse had blown over yesterday afternoon, so he sorted that out and checked the clematis on the fences.

I did not sleep too well again last, was looking at the ceiling at 3.30am. I hope to sleep tonight but it seems to be getting to be a habit. Will be seeing the Dr once we have changed our GP.

Turned very grey and cold after lunch, no rain forecast, but who knows?

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