Monday, 5 January 2015

Very Grey Day

it started out but at lunch time it brightened up, no heat in the sun though.

Alarm went off at 8am. I dragged myself out of bed into the shower, the water was so hot it almost scalded my feet, 2 minutes later it was running cold. I have reported it before, its a new shower should not be doing that.

Out just after 9am, down to the council to put our papers in, back via the charity shop to leave a load of books etc, more to go, condensing two bookcases into one. I have a  small bookcase and also a CD tower to go on freecycle, will be taking photos this afternoon. The sooner they have gone the better.

DD2 has asked to borrow the dehumidifier thats in the loft, so will get the steps in and also bring down the photo albums so we can go through them and chuck out what we do not want. The rest I will scan onto an external hard drive.

DB cleared 4 lots of cat shit off the front grass, I wish we could find something to use to deter them. Its horrible.

Supper prepped. DB off for his siesta, we are walking over to Tesco after he gets up, want to get the local paper and also some garlic paste. the last lot of garlic I bought started to shoot before I could use it up.


  1. Turned cold here over night with about an inch of fresh snow.
    I plan on doing some de-cluttering this afternoon and then I am out for our quilting guild holiday dinner and secret Santa gift exchange.
    People walking their dogs over here are usually very good about picking up their pets poop, and most of the cats in the area are never outside, so I don't have any problems having to pick up after them.

  2. Coal tar soap grated and sprinkled worked for me when my own cat decided to mesh all along the side of the house. Boots cheap coal tar worked.


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