Sunday, 18 January 2015

Treat Morning!!

I got to lie in till just after 9am.

Its very cold, at one point it was -7c in the garden so the heat has been on all day.

Nothing much done, I emptied the laundry basket and put a load in part of which was dried in the dryer the rest is on the airer. Another load to do ready for tomorrow morning, not sure what the forecast is but I guess it will  not be out on the line.

Have to wait about for a parcel tomorrow, think it will be the afternoon before it comes.

I bought sausage rolls from Aldi we had one each heated up at lunch time with cup a soup and the remains of the garlic bread from last night, very good too.

Pork steaks for supper.

Having got the photograph albums down yesterday we have started to go through them, my goodness what memories and pictures I had forgotten we had taken, trips to France when we went looking for property. Building our house at Port Seton, France on holiday, Holland and Belgium, more trips to  France. Trips to the US, Los Angeles, Kauai, Boston. Quilt shows. Friends at various quilt events and of course pictures of the grandchildren most of whom are now grown up. I could really embarrass some of them......All of them will be scanned and put onto the hard drive. There are also pictures of friends who are no longer with us.

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  1. Oh how I remember with love and affection, English sausage rolls! Now of course they'd have to be meatless - do they actually make vegetarian ones?

    I've just posted on our supper coming up this evening - take a look and you'll know what's going on I'm my kitchen today!

    Sun just appeared - it's almost 1PM - and we are in for a mild and pleasant week after last night's rain. Hope your week will be fine and not so cold.

    Hugs - Mary


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