Monday, 26 January 2015

Thats that done then....

It had rained during the night, put the towels out for a bit of a blow. When we got home at lunchtime it looked as if it might rain so they are on the wirer in the sitting room, if they are still damp in the morning I will stick them in the dryer for a few minutes

DB rang the council, they had asked for some details and we were not sure what they actually wanted, so after doing the Monday clean we went into the office and a young lady filled in the forms for us. One job done. Then on to the Drs and changed to a different one, this one is a lady so might see things a bit more from my perspective. Fingers crossed.

Up to the bank to draw the housekeeping for this month and the pocket money then home for lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I ironed the bed linen from yesterday and then carried on sorting fabric and cutting squares and strips.

A slice of panattone with some butter and a cup of tea I am about to go back and carry on sorting the fabric.

What is it with my husband, he has split a tooth eating his supper....I see an extraction, please not another trip to LRI at some ungodly hour because the socket is spouting forth blood as we had last year. He will need a new plate as well, I do not think they can put another tooth on the one he has at present. More money, one step forward 3 steps back..................

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