Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunny Sunday

Dull when we first got up, but by 11.30 the sun was out and a slight breeze blowing.

Bed stripped and now on the whirly, hopefully most of it will dry, will just have to finish it off in the house.

Yesterday I was thinking about pressing at the quilting group, its integral to good patchwork to press each seam as you sew. Did not want to take my large, expensive iron, was thinking about getting a cheap one when I remembered I had a travel steam iron in the drawer unit in the shed. I found it and tested it last night, took me a while to figure out how to get the water into it but managed in the end, it worked very well, so its in the crate with two pressing pads I found at the same time and the small ironing board I got from Ikea some years ago.  It is not as heavy as an ordinary iron but left on the seam for a few moments it will press them flat.I keep finding bits that will be useful; two crates in the sewing room to put them in. Need to put in another couple of trailing sockets. as well.

I did a bit of re-arranging and got one of the machine boxes in under the table, will get the other one down from the attic, think I have room for that as well. Will be spending some time this afternoon using the go cutter to cut up small bits of fabric into squares or strips. I also plan to sort through the bits and strips box and see what can go to my quilting friend, she has links to a group who use them for project linus quilts. I will cut up the rest again into squares or strips.

Jelly rolls are very popular and I have a die for the Go which cuts 3 x 2 1/2" strips, so that could be very useful. Yardage can quickly be cut into jelly roll strips. Its also the size mostly used for quilt binding. It will also cut 2 1/2" squares as well if you need a large number of one colour you can cut 18 at a time.

Need to prep the veg for supper before I go upstairs.

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  1. Your quilting projects are always so interesting Anne - but way beyond me, that's one sewing thing I've never attempted!
    I did sew more huge snaps on the bottom of the duvet cover yesterday, along with ties at the top to hold the two things together. Bob is getting on my nerves complaining about the duvet falling out - no wonder though, he spends the entire night moving about the bed, tossing and turning, snoring too - which is why I now love my own bed in the guest room, haha!
    After yesterday's rain and rather grey day we awoke to a beautiful sunny morning today - I must get out later for a walk with the camera.
    I'm making a big pot of potato and leek soup this morning - we'll have it with salmon fishcakes and salad tonight. . . . . . .
    Hugs - Mary


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