Thursday, 8 January 2015

Slipped Back

We had nothing spoiling this morning, so did not set the alarm.....9.30 when I woke.... not a lot done this morning, did do a bit of sorting in the sewing room but that was it.

DB went for his siesta, I had a book I wanted to finish reading so settled down on the settee for an hour.

Very dull morning but the mist cleared at lunchtime and we had a couple of hours of sunshine, still cold though. We are forecast cold and high winds over the next few days. I will not be going far!!

So sad to read about the shootings in Paris, its our favourite city, but I would be very wary of going there just now. I do feel for the families of those who have been shot.

The book case has been collected tonight, no takers for the CD tower as yet, will leave it on for a week and then freecycle it.  No takers for the quilting books though. I will put them back into the bookcase.


  1. We had sunshine this a.m. but it clouded over early p/m/ with the wind getting up and starting to blow this snow around. Makes it feel colder than the temp reading.
    All the violence going on in the world makes one want to stay away from travelling.

  2. Yes so sad about the shooting. Those poor families. Rain and cold in Cornwall at the moment, Wish I could lay in, having trouble getting up. But have to do the school run.
    Every night I promise myself an early night, but it never happens.


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