Saturday, 31 January 2015


Not a good night last night DB was awake so we ended up drinking tea and reading for a couple of hours.

We slept in, so did not have our usual porridge but beans on toast for breakfast instead.

Over the past few days we have been having a problem with the toilet, its one of these new fangled ones with a button you push, On Wednesday I thought it was taking a long time to fill, discovered the water was not filling the cistern just running straight through. I managed to stop it a couple of times, but we reported it to the agents,

Since then we have had to wedge the arm up and use a bucket to flush. DB phoned the agents this morning and was told that because we had put in a second request for the plumber, we were due to get the shower fitted last week which was not done, we had gone to the bottom of the plumbers list. Added to which the plumber had family problems and was only doing emergency work. Why did they not ring and tell us this???? Why do they not have more than one plumber available for emergency work?  DB could not get any answer except that the plumber would contact us on Monday. They then accused us of being too needy!! 

I consider a toilet not flushing to be a health and safety matter. to have to use a bucket of water is not the most hygienic way to flush a toilet. Anyone will tell you that flushing a toilet with the lid up can send microscopic bits of faeces flying up into the atmosphere, the thought of them landing on any surface in the bathroom makes me feel ill.

DB has phoned the LL I guess we will be in trouble for doing that. She is paying them to sort out jobs,  they are not doing what they are paid for, They will still deduct the service change before sending the rental on to them.

Hey ho tomorrow is another day and we will be flushing the toilet with a bucket for at least 2 more days.


  1. Our toilet often gets stuck usually fixed with wiggling the arm and spraying WD40 on the mechanism.

  2. We have one of those dual flush toilets and they are a right pain. I've wasted so much water when the flush hasn't stopped automatically. I usually have to jiggle around with the button or lift the top off the cistern and turn the water on and off by the screw fixture a few times and that generally does the trick, but I agree its not very convenient or hygienic

  3. You could try having a word with environmental health - your landlord has a responsibility to ensure that you have the basic amenities and to me a flushing toilet is a clear basic requirement - a plumber with family problems shouldn't be an excuse to not undertake this type of repair as an emergency repair - good luck xxx

  4. Maybe the rental agent would be a bit quicker if you just used the bucket as your toilet and dropped said (full) bucket at his office for disposal? .....
    Going to the bottom of the list because you called twice? Sounds like a totally useless agent! I would be upset , too!


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