Friday, 2 January 2015

Not a Good Night

Still awake at 3.30 am, then fell into a deep sleep. DB woke me getting out of bed.....took me ages to pull myself together,

New neighbours at the end of the row moved in today, apparently they have 2 little ones. Steve is going to find things a bit noisier than the couple who used to live there.

Nowt much done today, have been playing with fabric, not cheived  much though.

DB spent the afternoon watching programmes he had recorded on TV.

Another email fron SIL she cannot understand why the Drs cannot do anything for DB's dizzies......does not seem to grasp the concept that because they do not know why he gets them they cannot do anything about it. AArrgghhhhh guess we are going to be  targeted with this at regular intervals.

It had been a fine but very windy day. pity I had not laundry to dry, it would have dried in no time on the whirly today.

Once the weekend is past its back to normality or what passes for it in this house.


  1. I will be glad to get back to routine too. I have been going to bed around 2 a.m then cannot get up. Then meals are all messed up because everyone gets up at different times. And then late evening everyone expects me to cook a meal.....Finishing off the last of the Baileys. Taken some Decs down, But tired now. So chilling.

  2. Francesca goes back to Beckenham on Sunday. The tree and remaining decs will come down then and I will get the house back to rights over the next few days, I will give it a good bottoming while I am at it I look forward to getting my sewing space set up again.


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