Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nice outside but frosty in.....

I did not sleep well again last night, was still wake reading at 3am, so deliberately did not get up until DB woke at 10.30 so we have been playing catch up all day.

I decided to do a coloured wash and hang it out, did a double spin, so hope its drying,we had a decent amount of sun and there was a breeze.

Spent a bit of time this morning in the sewing room, I really need to sort out the fabric. I am going to put the smaller bits through the cutter and cut either 2 1/2" strips or squares. The bigger bits will be ironed, re folded and put the their appropriate boxes. I tided the top of the table, putting bits into the small chest under the table so I can put my hands on them when needed. Will be going back upstairs shortly when I have drunk my tea and got the washing in until its time to cook the haggis, neeps and mash. Might need to put some of the laundry into the dryer to finish off.


  1. I managed to get a load of towels 3/4 dry on the line, they will go in the dryer later. I have toyed with the idea of a cutter, but really do not have the space. I have spent part of the day rearranging the sewing room ready for my frame, now I need lots of tea and a decent dinner.

  2. Still drying indoors still, mainly over the Aga.

  3. Do you really cook - and eat - haggis?

    I actually washed, by hand, a cashmere sweater yesterday. I refuse to pay those ridiculous dry cleaner rates. It turned out so well, much softer and fluffier than dry cleaning - I had actually hoped it would shrink a bit and put it in the dryer on very low for a while, but no shrinkage at all!

    Hope all is well - Mary


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