Thursday, 1 January 2015

I Wish Health, Wealth and Happiness to all my readers for 2015.

We went to bed at 9.30pm. and lay reading, someone let a banger off just outside, I had palpitations never mind DB!!!

No intention of getting up early after yesterday's marathon, so it was after 9am before my feet touched the floor. Since then DB has driven me nuts filling in a form, every two minutes asking me for information which I then had to go and look for. I wish I had done it myself, but my new year resolution is to make him do more of the clerical stuff himself. Wish I could get him to cook the supper, but he does so much and then just wanders off......he just does not concentrate properly.

He has just gone for his siesta. I was going to make farmers pie for supper but DB has asked for jacket spud, so I will mix the turkey bits with chopped onion and mayonnaise and we will have a tomato and celery salad with it.

Both curtains in the back bedroom and our room have come off the stops, so I have to get the steps and put them back.

I am working on a couple of things for the U3A clubs exhibition, so hopefully will get them done today. Then I need to pull stuff together so I do not go without anything on the day.

The snow has all but gone, it had rained overnight, there is just a small pile that DB shovelled off the path left. Its very dull and dark, not a brilliant new years day.


  1. We have bitter cold weather but no snow. Little exercise this morning and then som shopping this afternoon. We have some grocery coupons to use and a fabric store is having a decent sale.

  2. Dark, wet and very windy in Wales today. I was in bed and asleep by 10:00, there was no street noise that I heard. I have been out 4 times dog walking and have 2 more trips to do, I am so glad that I splashed out on my Dryzabone, it has been worth it's weight in diamonds over the years.

  3. My DH is exactly the same when form-filling. It's generally a lot easier if I fill it in and just get him to sign it. We had fireworks going off near here too, and next door still had music blaring into the early hours. It was after 11am when I got up this morning. All the best for the new year to you and your family. Love, Helen x


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