Thursday, 15 January 2015

I Am Shattered

We were up and away before 9am. Traffic into town was horrendous, it was a good job we set off early.

The event was very well attended, lots of people milling round, I filled the group and have 4 on the waiting list.

It was quite cold and windy. Called at the bowls shop to get DB his new bowling shoes, another job crossed off the list.

Home to bacon sandwiches and a large mug of tea, quite hoarse after speaking to so many people.

Sausage and bean casserole prepped with the veg for supper so I can sit and chill for a while.

 I came home and started to sash the play mat I am making for my GGD due next month......wish I hadn't so far I have sewn the sashing on the wrong way round and sewn the wrong bits on, sorted that and started to put the long strips across the middle, sewed the wrong bit on again....gggrrrrr blessed thing was upside down. My unripper has been doing sterling service. I feel like throwing the blooming thing in the bin. I need a medal for ripping out!!

Do I really need to teach 12 newbies to quilt?????? I think I need to go back and start again mysel


  1. Glad you had a good turn out.
    Put your feet up and take a break.
    My day is just starting to get into full swing, several things on the go today.


  2. Hi Anne

    Glad you had a good turn out. Had a touch of patchwork block with the playmat? Sorry could not resist. Leave it to another day then have another go when you are more focused - your focus has been on teaching today. Hope you are okay take care Pattypanxxx

  3. Sounds like a hectic day all around - hopefully a nice evening with a tasty casserole made things calmer!


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