Saturday, 10 January 2015

Getting up late is becoming a habit

It was 9.30 again this morning and by 11.30 DB was in bed again with a dizzy....brilliant, that 4 he has had this week. I am getting to the stage where I dare not go out in case he has one. Yesterday he retired to bed just before supper. Fortunately I had not started to cook, it was 7.30 before we ate.

Today is a settee day. I got 3 books from the library on a one week loan so they have to go back on Tuesday, I have read two of them, just starting on the third but its quite thick.

Next door are getting new doors and windows put in, so plenty of banging and crashing.

I hope everything is ready for the  groups day at U3A on Thursday, I will check again on Wednesday to make sure.

Supper prepped just have to cook it. Have started having cheese and biscuits instead of dessert, have quite a bit of the cheese from Christmas to use up, makes a nice change.

I made leek and potato soup yesterday, we finished it off at lunch time with some fresh from the oven bread.

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  1. Sorry to hear the dizzies are back, don't understand why the cause can't be found.
    It is very cold again today, but the sun is trying to shine, there is quite a bit of heat I it so it should help the salt and sand melt some of the ice and snow on the roads.
    Yesterday I made a crock pot stew, it certainly warmed us up from the inside.


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