Saturday, 17 January 2015

Freezing Saturday

We did have a heavy frost last night, the frost has only just gone from the top of the car. I woke up this morning feeling quite warm. DB had rolled over against my back, he was rolled up in most of the duvet!!

Spent the morning ridding the back bedroom window of the green mould. They are double glazed but its very old, with only a narrow gap and the seal has gone. We had the downstairs ones replaced in October, the LL says the upstairs will be replaced next summer, roll on, although I cannot complain the house is warm.

I have the steps in, this afternoon I will be venturing into the attic to get down a couple of things. DD2 wants to borrow the dehumidifier and I need to get the photograph albums down now I have the external hard drive to store them on.

Its quite bright and sunny, but very cold, will be staying inside in the warm.

The offending piece of the play mat had been pinned on the right way round, so hopefully I will manage to sew it on without any problems this time. I want to get it finished out of the way then I can concentrate on other things.

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