Saturday, 3 January 2015

First snow now rain

very dank dark morning, depressing. DD2 is due sometime today not sure when.

I went onto the council planning site yesterday, the plans for the old house we had a flat in, have been knocked back and the plans re drawn.
The 4 semis have had to be made bigger and access to a toilet put in downstairs, also the big 5 bedroomed house which was to have been built at the bottom of the new drive had had to be moved to the front so it falls in line with the properties already on the road. The original access has to be blocked off and a new access point put in at the front. So despite the LL saying it would all be done and dusted by October, its not.

No real plans for the day, I need to get myself back into daily mode, getting up at 8am.

I was very tired last night DB said I was asleep before 11pm, so caught up with some of the sleep I lost the previous night.

The fridge is looking much emptier, No Aldi shopping for at least another week though maybe not at all this month, only need milk etc so  may well use Morrisons or Tesco.

Db will be resuming his research at the library on Tuesday mornings, so it will be the market for me. We are both going for eye tests this Tuesday.

I must have forgotten I had a clear out of DB's shirts, just 2 went into the bag, he has 8 polo shirts of various colours, 2 are bowling shirts. He came down stairs and cleared one complete shelf in the book case, so I guess I had better match him book for book.

I undid the bottom of my walking trousers ready to take them up, need to try them on and get DB to pin them at the right length, that could be interesting.

DD2 came this afternoon and gave me my Christmas present, a pair of sheepskin slippers, she had to wait for the right size to come in. My feet are lovely and warm now. My old slippers gave up the ghost a couple of months ago.

My friend and her husband are coming to the uk from the States in May, tonight I have booked a travel lodge for a night in Oxford so we can go down and see them. Its over 10 years since I last saw her, she came to stay with us for a week whilst her husband was in Holland on business. We are so looking forward to seeing them again.

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  1. Lovely cozy slippers by sound of them - such a great gift for the winter months!
    Cleaned out the freezer yesterday and won't be going to Aldi's either - enough food discovered in there for another month!
    Glad you will get to see your friends - where in the US do they live?
    I'm coming home in June with my granddaughter Jasmin - she hasn't been to England for about 8 years. I'm really looking forward to the trip - staying in Devon, then a few days in London - hope the weather will be good!
    Happy, healthy New Year in case I've not sent those wishes yet!
    Hugs- Mary


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