Tuesday, 6 January 2015


DB announced at just after midnight that he had palpitations, so after 20 minutes medication taken and an attempt, which did not work, to settle down.

Another virtually sleepless night for me and he still had them this morning, so another pill. They eventually went off around 10am. I had already phoned to cancel our eye appointments, re made them for Friday.

I got up and showered, washed my hair and then set off for Morrisons to do the bit of shopping, by the time I got back DB was in the shower, so a very easy day for us today.

I will need a nap at some point, will not be able to go all day without the way I am feeling just now.

Yesterday we sorted out more books and I listed a small bookcase and a CD tower on Gumtree, did have a message about the bookcase, but nothing further since. I have a boot full of books for the charity shop. No idea where I am going to put the few DVDs and CDs we have, will find somewhere.

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  1. Sorry you had such a bad night, hope you were able to catch forty winks during the day.
    Still very cold but sunny again today, looks as if Winter has settled in for awhile.



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