Monday, 19 January 2015

Double Brrrrrr

Very cold this morning, no snow, but a heavy frost, it took the roof of the car until lunchtime to de-frost, glad I was not going anywhere.

Parcel arrived mid morning, had done the Monday clean so was downstairs.

DB got up with a bad back this morning and was back in bed late morning with a dizzy, so everything is behind. Heat is on, too cold without it, the thermometer we have in the sitting room started to go down so back on  it went, do not care how much it costs, although we are just within our monthly payments just now.

No plans for this afternoon, we went through the photograph albums, have tossed a lot, sad, but it had to be done. I now have to sort out scanning to the computer so I can save the ones we have on the external hard drive.

Mince and tatties for supper tonight, have a rice pudding for dessert, hot comfort food is what we need whilst the weather is so cold.

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