Thursday, 22 January 2015


Another very cold day, although much brighter for a change. We set the alarm a bit later this morning.

I have now got 12 bag kits ready for next week, so I just have to print off my notes and all is ready.

The play mat will also go with me, I am hoping to have time to layer it up next Thursday on the double tables. I found the backing this morning whilst I was looking for something else.

A quick trip to Morrisons for a couple of things I forgot on Tuesday, we rang and made appointments to go in and change our Doctor next Monday. I also need to go and order my glasses.

This week seems to have flown by, next week is the last week of the month and I need to do a freezer audit and do my order for Aldi. Its been a long month, but we have managed to live out of the freezer  for meat and I think we might make it through February with just buying a chicken in the meat line. The cupboards are still fairly full so it will be fresh fruit and veg needed. cheese and eggs will make up the rest.

I discovered last night that the radiator in the kitchen was leaking, so a call in to the agents, we are awaiting a visit form the plumber to see whats what.

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  1. Well done with living out of your freezer this month. I've been doing the same and I've just done a basic menu plan for the next few weeks and I should be able to get through most of February too without having to buy much in the way of meat, tinned or dry goods. Hope you get the radiator fixed soon.


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