Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Cold and grey today, hope the grey is not snow, I do not wan any more snow thank you, we have had enough for this year.

Into town to change our books, DB stayed on in the library, called on the way back to the bus to make an appointment for the dentist 3 weeks wait.......good job its not urgent.

I bought some new thermal socks from the chap on the market 3 pairs for £4, will be trying them out my present ones are holey, and no longer really doing the job.

Went all over looking for spray starch, found it in Morrison £1 a can. I also got some gaffa tape to tape down the cable to the floor on Thursday, do not want any trips or falls on my watch thank you.
I had a real problem yesterday with some fabric, it was so thin, I could have done with the starch to stabilise it.

Tomorrow I am off at lunchtime to do the Aldi shop. I got a half shoulder of lamb from Morrisons reduced, so will not be getting a chicken, the lamb will do instead. Have quite a list but apart from bacon and sausage no other meat.

Prepped the sauce for tonights pasta and garlic bread. Have 2 portions of the plum sponge to finish for dessert.

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  1. Sounds like you had a ver proactive day.Enjoy your plum sponge.


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