Friday, 16 January 2015


It was a lovely sunny morning and not too cold. Set off to play late Santa to DD1, visit Aldi, get my haircut and visit my quilting friend.

I wish I had not gone to Aldi, ended up spending like it was going out of fashion. I also bought my friend some lilies.

Spent a nice afternoon drinking tea,eating birthday sponge and generally putting the world to rights.

By the time I came away it was freezing and trying to snow. I hit traffic in the usual place took me 4 changes of the traffic lights to get out onto Saxby Road. OH was home before me, he had been to the History group meeting. The chap who organised yesterdays 'meet the groups' was enthusiastic about the attendance yesterday and the impact that my stand had when you walked into the hall. He was amazed at the speed I managed to set up the new group, so all in all I guess he is pleased.

I was desperate for the loo when I got in, left OH to unpack the shopping from the car.

Have not looked at yesterdays disaster, it can wait till tomorrow. I want to finish it, I need to sort out enough squares etc for two more bag kits. 

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