Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Another Day at The Fun Factory

Washed the towels overnight, put them out first thing, but the sky is looking distinctly like rain so they are finishing off in the dryer, should take about an hour all told.

Pot of lentil soup on the hob for lunch with some hm bread, will need to put the bread maker on again this afternoon or we will run out.

I dropped DB at the library this morning he will either walk or get the bus home, then went on to Morrisons to get a small top up shop, so far I am on target to be within the £60 I allowed myself for fresh fruit etc, we are eating meat and cheese from the freezer. I have managed to keep out of Aldi which has helped, but I will be in there next week, they have haggis for Burns night. I will have to keep the blinkers on and not buy anything else. If I have cash in my purse at the end of the month it will go into the penny tin against our holiday spending money.

I fetched the towels in just before lunch and finished them off in the dryer. We had quite a lot of rain, it went very dark and bucketed down for over an hour.

Must admit we slept better last night with the lighter duvet on the bed. I was thinking back and we did not have the heavier duvet on at all through the winter at Asfordby, so the level of insulation in the houses must be about the same. Maybe my sleep pattern will start to improve.

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  1. I am avoiding supermarkets at the moment except for milk..My next few bits will be from Aldi, it's a bit of a drive away but worth it compared with the prices in my local Tescos. Still very cold in the morning in Cornwall and have had quite a bit of rain too.
    My washing is on the rack drying. Rosezeeta


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