Friday, 23 January 2015


Last night DB announced at 11.30pm that he had palpitations, so no sleep for me, him......oh he slept fine and announced when he woke up that the palps had settled.

The plumber came and sorted the valve on the radiator, it needed a new spindle. Once he had finished he said he would be back next week to put in our new shower.

DB put on his coat, 'going to pay my bowling fees' and off he went. OK he will be about half an hour. 2 hours later I had done the Friday clean including a deep clean of the kitchen, cooked neck of lamb for a stew and liquor for soup, and there was no sign of him.........eventually I phoned the social club, ah yes he is still here going through the trophy cabinet. I had tried ringing his phone, of course it was switched off!!

By the time he got back I was steaming, he is so self centred, its all him, him, him and what he wants to do, well the worm has more than turned. Do I care? no I damn well don't, he will get no sympathy from me ever again. He treats me like a donkey or an idiot, I am the one who has put up with him for 25 years in October and I have had enough. My BP must be sky high. He could have said when he went out that he was going to stay on, 'oh you saw me take my file out with me', so I was supposed to read his mind? His phone was switched I am telepathic as well........

Things are very frosty here!!!!!!!!!!


  1. He's a man, so what do you expect!!!!!!!! Mine has the most annoying habit of just saying he's 'popping out for a bit'!!! Getting anymore information is like getting blood from a stone. Then I turned tables and said the same thing, he wasn't a happy bunny, I persevered and one day he said why did I never say where I was going!!! I still never get a plain, simple answer from him, but it made me feel better!!! Hope tomorrow is better for you, unless you commit murder in between times!!!!!! X

  2. My sympathies and a big hug. Many men are self centered and selfish, but so are some women.

  3. Hugs Anne

    Its never easy just the depth that varies. If he is going to go off on his own he could at least let you know that he has arrived safely espeically with the attacks being all over the shop. Take care and I hope things soon defrost. Tricia x

  4. They're all the same - mines called 'half job' cause he only ever does half a job! Anything for the quickest/easiest - best of luck and a hug from me xxx

  5. Typical male trait, sympathies are with you. I hope that things soon return to normal. But as I say, "let 'em sstew for awhile". Kathy xxx

  6. Not a lot to add apart from more hugs, and to say that I am thinking of you xx

  7. Mine's far from perfect too!!!!
    Hang in there - it's even worse without them apparently!
    Mary x


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