Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Foggy Day

freezing fog actually it has not let up all day. At just before 3pm its looking very murky.

We had our last lie in until next weekend, we have to go into town tomorrow and Tuesday this week. Time to get my eyes tested after my cataract surgery. I know I need a new lens in my glasses.

De-cluttering/downsizing has started several bags of clothes and books waiting to go to the CS in the morning, DB has spent part of the morning sorting out the books in the large book case. We need to move one of the shelves.

As we had a late breakfast we just had cup a soup at lunchtime, so supper will be a bit earlier tonight. I got 2 pork steaks out of the freezer yesterday for tonight. DB has requested another treacle sponge, it should do us for three nights desserts.

I also have plans for some of the vast amount of fabric I have, more about that later.

Some one asked where my US friends live, they used to live in Raleigh Durham, but moved back to Indianapolis some years ago, B worked for Lilley the drugs company. They are both retired. They have just came back from a trip to Vietnam.

Prayers please for my niece and her family, they live in Adelaide the house they are renting is about 20 minutes from where the fire is raging, they are on a 20 minute get out standby. The cars are packed with belongings in case they have to evacuate. They are in the process of buying a house, I pray that is ok. She has been in touch with her sister here who is keeping us in the loop.


  1. Our weather is not pleasant either. De cluttering is also on my things to do this month.
    Hope you niece and family are safe.Patricia

  2. Hope all is okay with your neice. Cold here today, but the early mist lifted and we actually had some sunshine this afternoon which was nice after a full day of rain yesterday.

  3. Hope your nice stays safe - fingers crossed for her that all will be ok xxx

  4. Watching the Great British Baking Championship. What fun.


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